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Bill Payments
Where can bill payments be made?
All types of payments can be made at our customer service office at Garrison Hill, St. Michael.
Can payments be made at any of the outlets without a bill?
Yes, all types of payments can be made with and without bills at our two customer service offices and, once the account number is known or identification is presented, at all SurePay outlets. However, the bill is required for payments at all other outlets.
Can payments be made by mail?
Customers are encouraged, for their convenience, to mail their cheque payments as long as they allow adequate time for us to receive them before the discount or due date. All cheque payments should have the account numbers written on the back of the cheque. The mailing address is P O Box 1025, Bridgetown.
Can bills be paid by means of Debit cards or Credit cards?
At present we accept the debit cards issued by the commercial banks associated with CARIFS. Payments using these debit cards can be made at the special facilities provided in our two customer service offices. Payments are not accepted using credit cards from any bank.
Are advance payments accepted?
Yes. Advance payments can be made at either of our Customer Services offices, by mail or at any SurePay outlet.
Can payments be made after normal office hours?
"After hour" payments can be made at SurePay outlets and several other payment outlets that are open after 4:30 p.m. and on weekends. Customers can also place payments (cheques only) in the "drop boxes" located outside of each of the Company's two Customer Services offices.
If I place a payment in the "drop boxes" when will it be processed?
Payments placed in the drop boxes during working hours are processed on the same working day while those deposited after working hours are processed the next working day.
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