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Integrated Resource Plan
What is BL&Ps position on renewables?
Renewables will play an increasingly important role in the energy mix for Barbados in the future and we will continue to work with Government and our customers to find the right energy solutions that will work in the interest of all Barbadians.
Why has BL&P taken so long to get into renewables?
BL&P has been monitoring renewables for some time. From a centralized perspective wind has been a cost effective technology but it has taken a long time for approval to proceed with the wind project at Lamberts and we are still in discussions with the land owner to finalise arrangements for the use of the land. We have been monitoring other technologies and our own solar initiative started over 10 years ago with our first grid tied photovoltaic system being installed at the Seawell Generating Station. Two years ago, we started a pilot programme for customer owned PV solar systems to interconnect into our system. As the price of PV systems continue to fall and Government is providing incentives to encourage their installation, they are becoming more cost effective for customers to install on their homes. While it may not be appropriate for BL&P to compete directly with other private sector companies to install these on customers homes, our parent Company, LPH, is working on this option.
What are the plans for financing?
On completion of the IRP, financial forecasts will be prepared for the approved expansion plan and potential lenders will be invited to submit financing proposals.
Were projections done on our present and / or future load to approximately 2020?
This is currently in progress. The development of electricity sales and demand forecast scenarios is an integral part of the IRP process. The forecasts will be BL&Ps best estimate of future demand for electricity given the impact of customer, demographic, weather and economic factors. Forecasts will be prepared to provide a range of possible high-growth and low-growth load scenarios due to economic uncertainty and weather variability.
What will this study do for the price of electricity?
The study is seeking to find the best solution for Barbados and it is expected that the resulting plan will be the best one for Barbados, taking into account the available resources and all of the costs and benefits. Historically, BL&P has always approached capital expansion on a least cost basis. However, significant fluctuations in world prices of fuel have often masked the efficiency gains of the introduction of new plant and as a result customers may not always recognise the true benefits of these new plant installations. The IRP will allow customers and other stakeholders the opportunity to participate in a meaningful way in the decision making process that affects the price they ultimately have to pay for electricity.
How can interested persons participate?
- Interested persons can volunteer to be: either an active participant or an Observer. " Active participant  receive all information related to the development of the IRP; attend all technical conferences; and contribute to the development of the IRP " Observer  receive updates and information during the development of the IRP and provide written comments where you think appropriate
How will participants input be used?
All comments, suggestions and concerns raised by participants will be recorded in a log and responses will be provided to the issues raised. Where appropriate, these will be taken into account in the study. All issues raised and the responses will be included as part of the final report.
What role is the FTC playing in the IRP process?
We have shared the Terms of Reference for the IRP with the FTC and are keeping them informed throughout the process. The commissions Commissions role in this process is to analyze and make a determination on the appropriateness of the submitted plan.
What is the timeframe for submission of the Integrated Resource Plan to the regulator (Fair Trading Commission)?
The target date for submission of the IRP to the FTC is December 2012.
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