Corporate Information  

How We Work

The Company is divided into the following departments:

» Customer Services
» Distribution
» Generation
» Information Systems
» Finance
» Human Resources
» Administration


This department is responsible for all Company's services to customers such as:

• Reading meters
• Billing customer accounts
• Collecting payments for electricity bills and other miscellaneous items
• Advising customers who have service requests and queries
• Processing applications for service.

The department is headed by the Customer Services Manager.


This department is responsible for:

• The distribution of electricity from the Power Stations to consumers
• The installation and maintenance of electric services, transformers and meters
• The installation of maintenance and street lights
• The expansion and maintenance of plant records of all substation, transmission and distribution lines and relays
• The maintenance of plant records on the distribution system
• The installation and maintenance of all radio and telemetering equipment used for the above
• Maintenance and control of all company vehicles

The department is headed by the Distribution Manager


This department is responsible for the operation and maintenance of all Power Generating equipment at the Spring Garden, Garrison Hill and Seawell Power Stations. Generating Equipment includes steam turbines, gas turbines and diesel engines. This equipment uses Diesel and Bunker " C " fuel which is received from Trinidad through BNOC/ESSO, and some obtained locally. The Steam Plant Boilers are fitted with natural gas burners to utilise excess gas from the local natural gas system. The Company has installed generation capacity of about 239,100kW meeting a peak load of about 164,000kW.

The department is headed by the Senior Manager Generation.


This department has five basic functions:

• Analysis and design of systems
• Programming Development
• Database Administration
• Network Support
• Computer Operation

Some of the present systems in operation are:-

• Consumer Information System
• Geographic Information System
• Work Management System
• Financial Accounting Systems
• HR/Payroll Systems

The department is headed by the Manager Information Systems.


This department is responsible for:


• Involvement in the negotiating of bank facilities and obtaining financing for the company's general operating and capital expansion programme.

• Maintaining information for the preparation of periodic loan and interest payments to financial institutions and ensuring the company meets its contractual obligations in this regard.

• Payments to suppliers

• Management of the cash flow and cash balances.

• Preparation of the corporation tax and Value added tax return.

Financial Accounting And Reporting

• Preparation of monthly financial statements for reporting to senior management and the directors.

• Preparation of the half-yearly report. Preparation of the annual report for shareholders. Liaising with the external auditors, tax authorities and the government regulatory authority. Maintenance of sound internal controls and systems.

Management Accounting

• Preparation of the annual operating and capital budget. Peparation of the five year financial forecast.

• Maintenance of the Company's Fixed Asset records and dealing with regulatory matters

Internal Audit

• Performing of financial and operational audits to determine the integrity and reliability of financial controls of the company.

The department is headed by the Chief Financial Officer.


The department is responsible for:

• Employee Welfare
• Industrial Relations
• Health & Safety
• Compensation & Benefits
• Human Resources
• Administrative Services
• Facilities & Security
• Recruitment & Selection
• Recognition & Reward
• Performance Management

The department is headed by the Human Resources Manager


This department is responsible for:

• Managing Director's Office- General Administration
• Materials Management
• Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ)
• Purchasing; Customs; Inventory

The department is headed by the Managing Director.