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Aerial-Spr-Gdn.jpg - Aerial Photo of Spring-Garden

BLPC-Pilot-end-Renewable-Energy-Interconnection-Application.pdf - Renewable Energy Interconnection Application

BLPC-Renewable-Energy-Interconnection-Agreement.pdf - Renewable Energy Interconnection Agreement

BLPC-Renewable-Energy-Power-Purchase-Agreement.pdf - Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement

Change of Name Form

Contract for Private Street Lighting

Guaranteed Service Standard Claim Form

Notice of Inspection - Form to be completed by the electrician as soon as the application for inspection at the Department of Electrical Engineering (DEE) has been made.

Service Application Form

Tenant Advice



"Watts" Up with my Electricity Bill? - Understand how you are billed for the electricity you use.

Claims for Damage to Electrical Equipment

Digital Meters-B

Domestic Service Bill Brochure - Brochure explaining the New Domestic Service Bill

Domestic Service Rate Schedule

Electricity Standards of Service Brochure

General Service Bill Bochure - Brochure explaining the new General Servce Bill

General Service Rate Schedule

Going Underground - Pg1 - Planning Your Underground Electricity Supply.

Going Underground - Pg2 - Planning Your Underground Electricity Supply. What you need to consider.

Grid Code - Interconnection Requirements at Voltages 24.9kV and below

Guaranteed Standards of Service - These are minimum standards, which we are committed to achieving

Home Energy Audit - A leaflet to assist you in becoming more aware of electricity as a form of energy you use in your home and how you can take control of its use.

Hurricane Emergency Information - Tips on being prepared at the first advisory

Hurricane Map - A complimentary map for you to track hurricanes during the hurricane season.


K-10-Renewable-Energy-Rider-Proposed-May-8-2009-Final_Page_1.jpg - K-10 Renewable Energy Rider Proposed May 8th 2009 - Page 1

K-10-Renewable-Energy-Rider-Proposed-May-8-2009-Final_Page_2 - K-10 Renewable Energy Rider Proposed May 8th 2009 - Page 2



Large Power Rate Schedule

Overall Standards of Service

Play It Safe Around Electricity

Protect Your Equipment - Steps you should take to safeguard your electrical equipment against damage.

Questions & Answers on Security Payments

Requirements for Interconnection of RGS - Requirements for Interconnection

Secondary Voltage Power and Large Power Bill Brochure - Brochure explaining the New Secondary Voltage Power and Large Power Bill

Secondary Voltage Power Rate Schedule

Why a Fuel Clause Adjustment? - Pg1 - Your questions answered.

Why a Fuel Clause Adjustment? - Pg2 - Your questions answered.