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Domestic Tariff

» Application
» Type of Service
» Conditions of Service
» General Provisions
» Monthly Rate
» Minimum Bill
» Discount
» Meter Reading and Billing
» Rules and Regulations


This tariff is available to residential customers who occupy for domestic purposes individually-metered dwelling houses, apartments or condominiums suitable for year-round family occupancy. The residence shall be occupied by the owner or shall be the principal place of residence for the occupant.


Under this tariff, the Company will supply single-phase alternating current electricity at 50 Hz, and one of the secondary voltages specified in the latest revision of the Company’s booklet entitled “Information and Requirements Covering Installation of Electric Services and Meters”.


Single phase, 2 or 3 wire services up to a maximum of 200 amperes are eligible for this tariff. This tariff is not applicable to customers who occupy dwelling units used or registered for the purpose of transient occupancy such as rooming houses, hotels, guest-houses or villas, or primarily for commercial, industrial or non-domestic activities. No service may be transmitted from a customer who receives electric service to another premises without the prior written consent of the Company.


When two or more rates are available for certain classes of service, the choice of such rates rests with the customer. The Company will at any time, upon request, advise any customer as to the rate best suited to existing or anticipated service requirements, as defined by the customer. The Company does not assume responsibility for the selection of such rate or the continuance of the lowest annual cost under the selected rate. A customer, having selected a rate, may not change to another rate within a 12-month period unless there is a substantial change in the character or conditions of the service. In the case of a new service, customers will be given reasonable opportunity to determine their service requirements before selecting their preferred rate.


Customer Charge - This applies to each electricity service under this tariff for the fixed costs of providing service including the service installation, meter reading, billing and customer service costs. The monthly Customer Charge is determined by the customer’s 30 day average kWh consumption over the previous 12 months, or as many months during the past 12 months as are available.

i) 0 - 150 kWh $ 6/ month + VAT

ii) 151- 500 kWh $10/ month + VAT

iii) Over 500kWh $14 / month + VAT

Base Energy Charge – This applies to each electricity service under this tariff for all other costs associated with the provision of this service, except the cost of fuel.

i) First 150 kWh @ $ 0.150 /kWh + VAT

ii) Next 350 kWh @ $ 0.176/kWh + VAT

iii) Next 1000 kWh @ $ 0.200/kWh + VAT

iv) Over 1500 kWh @ $ 0.224/kWh + VAT

Fuel Charge – This applies to each electricity service under this tariff for the cost of fuel associated with the provision of this service.

All kWh at the Fuel Clause Adjustment (cents/kWh) + VAT

The Fuel Clause Adjustment is calculated according to the Fuel Clause approved by the Fair Trading Commission and may vary from month to month.


The minimum bill shall be the applicable Customer Charge.


A 10% discount on the Customer Charge and the Base Energy Charge is allowed if payment is made in full within 15 calendar days of the date of issue of the bill. The discount does not apply to the Fuel Charge portion of the bill.


The meters of Domestic Service customers are normally read every other month but these accounts are billed monthly. In the month when the meters are not read, the customers’ bills are estimated based on an average of their previous energy consumption.


Service under this schedule is subject to the orders of the Fair Trading Commission and the latest publication of the “Information and Requirements Covering Installation of Electric Services and Meters”. In case of a difference of interpretation between any provision of this schedule and the “Information and Requirements Covering Installation of Electric Services and Meters” booklet, the provision of this schedule shall apply. A bill calculated under this tariff is subject to change under the provisions of such applicable rider(s) as may be approved and / or amended by the Fair Trading Commission.