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Renewable Energy Rider

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» Monthly Renewable Energy Credit
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» Metering Configuration
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» Click here to download the Requirements for Grid Interconnection of Renewable Generation Systems

» Click here to download the Renewable Energy Interconnection Application

» Click here to download the Renewable Energy Rider Agreement

» Click here to download the Understanding Your RER Contract


This rider is available to customers who qualify for the Domestic Service (DS), Employee (EMP), General Service (GS), Secondary Voltage Power (SVP), Large Power (LP) and Time-of-Use (TOU) tariffs. All of the provisions of the applicable DS, EMP, GS, SVP, LP and TOU tariffs will apply except as amended by this rider. This rider is specific to customers with renewable resource generation facilities (hereinafter collectively referred to as "customer-generators" and each as a "customer-generator") utilizing a wind turbine, solar photovoltaic or hybrid (wind/solar) power source located on the customer's owned or rented premises.

The customer-generator shall have a capacity no greater than 500kW. This rider is available on a first-come first-serve basis up to a maximum combined installed capacity of 20 MW. The Company reserves the right to limit the number of services per individual or entity.

This rider is applicable only to the energy supplied to the Company's electric grid by the customer-generator. All other services supplied to the customer-generator will be billed in accordance with the rates and charges under the customer's-applicable standard tariff. Service under this rider is conditional on the continuance of service to the customer under one of the applicable standard tariffs.


The service under this rider will be provided to the entire premises through a single point of delivery at a single voltage in accordance with the terms of the standard tariff applicable to the customer. The customer-generator must be:

(1) capable of providing single or three phase voltage at 50 Hz, with its rated output not exceeding 50% of the Ampere rating of the main breaker of the installation, and

(2) manufactured, installed and operated to meet the Company’s standards for interconnection as set out in the Company’s “Renewable Energy Rider Agreement” and the “Requirements for Grid Interconnection of Renewable Generation Systems” and all applicable Government and industry safety and performance standards.

The Company reserves the right to disconnect the electricity supply to the entire premises to which the customer-generator is connected without notice and without incurring any liability, for failure to comply with the requirements of the interconnection agreement or for other reasons relating to safety and reliability.

Provision must be made for the measurement of energy produced by the customer-generator through a meter provided by the Company at the customer’s expense or by the customer installing equipment suitable for this purpose, subject to the Company’s prior written approval.


The customer must obtain approval in writing before any customer-generator is connected to the electric grid. Customers desirous of selling electricity to the electric grid should:

(1) apply to the Company;

(2) submit a certificate of approval from the Government Electrical Engineering Department (GEED) for connection of the customer- generator to the electrical installation;

(3) demonstrate its ability to meet the Company’s safety and performance standards and interconnection requirements;

(4) enter into an agreement with the Company for:

a. interconnection stipulating the point of connection of the customer- generator to the electricity grid; and

b. power purchase for electricity purchased by the Company.


All kWh supplied to the grid @ $0.416/kWh for Solar PV and $0.315/kWh for wind, for all units supplied to the grid.

The Fuel Clause Adjustment is calculated according to the Fuel Clause approved by the Fair Trading Commission and may vary from month to month.


The Company will utilize a Net Billing with Rolling Credit and Buyback methodology for billing purposes. At the end of each billing period, if the account is in debit after the renewable energy credits have been applied, the balance due will be billed and payable. If the account is in credit, the credit will be carried forward (rolled over) to the next billing period.

If at the end of each quarter, the customer has accumulated a renewable energy credit greater than or equal to $100.00 the customer shall be provided with a refund of the credit from the Company.

All new DS, GS, EMP, SVP and LP RER customers will be billed under a “buy all/sell all” billing arrangement with the exception of DS, GS, and EMP customer generators with RGS of capacity 2kW or less who will also have the option of the “sale of excess” billing arrangement. This billing arrangement will remain in place for the duration of the agreement. Customer Generators interconnected before September 1st, 2014 may remain on their current billing arrangement or exercise the option within 3 months of this date to change to the buy all/sell all billing arrangement.


The following metering configurations are permitted:

(1) Metering Configuration 1 – point of interconnection on the customer’s side of the revenue meter

(2) Metering Configuration 2 – point of interconnection on the grid side of the revenue meter.

The Sale of Excess billing arrangement is not available for customers interconnected using Metering Configuration 2.


The duration of the agreement between BL&P and the Customer Generator for interconnection to the grid and purchase of energy shall be offered for a minimum of ten years. The value of the RER credit shall be subject to review every 3 years or as periodically determined by the Fair Trading Commission


Service under this schedule is subject to the orders of the Fair Trading Commission and the latest publication of the “Information and Requirements Covering Installation of Electric Services and Meters”. In case of a difference of interpretation between any provision of this schedule and the “Information and Requirements Covering Installation of Electric Services and Meters” booklet the provision of this schedule shall be deemed to apply. A bill calculated under this Rider is subject to change as may be approved and / or amended by the Fair Trading Commission under the provisions of applicable riders.