Rates and Tariffs - Residential Services

Electricity rates are subject to the approval of the Fair Trading Commission (FTC). The one type of tariff covering services offered by the Company for Residential Services: Domestic Tariff

Domestic Tariff

This tariff is available to residential customers who occupy for domestic purposes individually-metered dwelling houses, apartments or condominiums suitable for year-round family occupancy. The residence shall be occupied by the owner or shall be the principal place of residence for the occupant.

Fuel Clause Adjustment

The FCA is approved by the Fair Trading Commission as a mechanism for the Barbados Light & Power (BLPC) to recover the cost of fuel used in the production of electricity. The cost of fuel purchased is recovered and applied equally to all customer groups through the FCA charge. Changes in the FCA are influenced mainly by movements in the purchase price of fuel.

The FCA is calculated monthly as the sum of the previous month's cost of energy purchased and cost of fuel consumed, plus any cumulative over and under recovery divided by the kWh sales of the previous month. The cost of energy purchased includes energy purchased from renewable energy resources