How We Generate Electricity

Light & Power’s electricity is generated from a variety of sources including fossil fuel, gas, and solar at a series of power plants, known as generating stations. These facilities are rated by the maximum amount of electricity they are designed to produce, measured in megawatts (MW) and known as generation capacity.

Our Plants

In total, the Company generates electricity from four (4) power stations. We also purchase renewable electricity from independent power producers throughout the country. Together, these sources make up what is known as our generation mix, which can change from year-to-year based on factors like fuel prices and environmental regulations.

  • Fossil Fuel Generation Plant
  • Photo-voltaic Solar Plant
  • Independent Power Producers

Fossil Fuel Generation Plant

Spring Garden consists of fossil fuel burning plant:

  • 3 x 12 MW LSD Engines
  • 1 x 12.5 MW LSD Engines
  • 2 x 30 MW LSD Engines
  • 2 x 20 MW Steam Turbines
  • 1 x 17.5 MW Gas Turbine

At the Garrison there is:
  • 1 x 13 MW Gas Turbine

At Seawell we have:
  • 1 x 13 MW Gas Turbine
  • 3 x 20 MW Gas Turbines

Photo-voltaic Solar Plant

The Company first utility sized photo-voltaic solar farm at Trents, St. Lucy. In fact, the solar plant is not only a first for Barbados, but for the Eastern Caribbean, and for Light & Power’s parent company, Emera Caribbean Inc.

Solar Plant Facts:

  • This entire property of 72 acres is owned by Light & Power. The solar plant spans 42 acres of that property.
  • 44 496 panels, no moving parts, minimum maintenance.
  • Generation from solar will now add 10MW per day of renewable energy to the national energy grid.
  • The 2.2% of our generation produced by this plant represents energy to power the appliances and devices of 7,700 households.

Independent Power Producers

There is an increasing amount of electricity is being generated in Barbados by producers other than The Barbados Light & Power.

Light & Power buys electricity from independent power producers who are now playing a role in helping meet Light & Power’s Renewable Energy Strategy.

There is a total 25 MW of distributed customer-owned solar photo-voltaics who produce power.