The Lamberts Wind Farm Project

As our island moves closer to its national goal of 100% renewable energy by 2030, Light & Power is progressing work on the Lambert’s Wind Farm project. 

Project Overview

The development of wind energy is not only aligned with BLPC’s 100/100 vision, our aspirational goal of 100% transition to renewable energy and electrification, but it is aligned with the national strategy of greening the economy by reducing our dependence on imported fossil fuel and moving towards a renewable energy future. The Lamberts, St. Lucy location was assessed as one of the most attractive for wind energy and one of the few sites on Barbados to accommodate a wind farm. This location was specifically identified in the National Physical Development Plan for wind energy development. The Lamberts Wind Farm project includes the construction of a wind farm comprised of five turbines from Enercon. Once commissioned, electricity from the wind farm will be supplied to the grid to meet the local market demand and contribute to approximately 3.4% of the island’s present annual electricity needs.

Project Progress

The geotechnical works phase of this project commenced on March 2. This phase will involve survey work, preparation of access roads on site and the mobilization of a geo-technical drilling rig. In keeping with the Company’s standards, the Lamberts Wind Farm project team is making every effort to minimize the level of impact of present and future work to residents and road users through environmental and social management plans. Further, the team is committed to timely, relevant and collaborative communication with all stakeholders, including the residents of the Lambert’s area and its environs.

Project Documents

The Community Briefing Document

The purpose of this Community Briefing Document, also called a Non-Technical Summary, is to provide a summary of the Project and the findings of the technical assessments completed in 2019.

Lamberts East Wind Farm Environmental Impact Assessment (2010)

An assessment of the environmental effects has been completed for the construction phase and the operational phase of the proposed wind farm.


The Updated Technical Assessments (2019)

Technical assessments were undertaken in support of the EIA to confirm that no additional environmental effects were anticipated as a result of the Project. The results of the technical assessments which focused on noise, shadow flicker and visual impacts.

Grievance Protocol

If you believe that the Project’s activities and operations are negatively affecting you, your place of residence, your assets and property, or the environment please complete and submit the form below. 

Contact Us!

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