Meter Reading

What is the function of the meter?

The meter is a precise measurement device that accurately records the electricity consumption of the electrical installation being metered.

How often are meters read?

Meters are read every other month for customers on the Domestic Service and General Service tariffs. The meters for all other customers are read monthly.

How do you access meters when they are indoors?

We try to access all meters during the normal reading cycle. However, if no one is going to be home, we encourage customers to call us to make arrangements to have the meter read at the normal reading cycle or to make a special appointment. Special arrangements can also be made for customers to call their meter readings into the Company periodically.

When are meters read?

Meter readings are cycled for reading purposes. This will mean that your meter will be read approximately the same time every other month for Domestic and General Service customers and every month for customers on other tariffs.

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