New Services

When should applications be made for a new (or upgraded) service (i.e. one where the premises are either newly built or renovated)?

Services, which are to be connected for the first time or that have been upgraded, have to be certified by the Government Electrical Engineering Department (GEED) before connections can be made.

As soon as the application is submitted to GEED for the inspection, customers should have their electrician complete a Notice of Inspection form (this can also be obtained from our offices) and submit it to us with a Service Application form to avoid unnecessary delays in the connection of the service. If additional line work is required to make the supply available the customer should contact us several months before the supply is required.

What is required to apply for a new service?

Appropriate identification (i.e. Barbados ID or Passport),service charge and a Notice of Inspection form (or Inspection Certificate of Approval issued by Government Electrical Engineering Department (GEED) are required when customers are applying for service either in our offices or by letter.

Business customers are also required to submit a Certificate of Registration, placing their company's stamp on the application form, or make application by letter on their company's letterhead. Security Payments are required for all persons who are not permanent residents of Barbados and all non residential services.

Customers are encouraged to use one of our Notice of Inspection forms to make an early application for service to avoid unnecessary delays. They should, however, be aware that the service can only be connected after the installation is certified by GEED.

What is the minimum age for a customer to make an application for service?

A customer has to be at least 18 years old to make an application for service.

How long will it take you to install a new service?

New services are normally connected within 12 working days after the requirements for installation are met. However, if additional line work is required for the supply, or additional work is required by the electrician to meet the installation requirements the service connection will be scheduled on completion of this work.

Does someone have to be at the premises for the new service to be installed?

Not normally. No one else has to be there as long as we have easy access to the meter position and the electrician has not made any special provision that will require his presence when we are making the connection.

What is the process for obtaining electricity supply if a building is being constructed and there are no lines nearby or if additional processes are required to make the supply available?

Your electrician or contractor should contact us early (several months before you require the supply) to let us know your electrical requirements so we can design the necessary lines, cables, etc., required to provide the supply.

You would be advised by letter if you are required to pay a contribution towards the cost of this work. Should there be a cost, the work will be scheduled after payment is received. Completion of the work can take up to 10 weeks after payment is made, so customers are encourage to contact us early.

What is the cost if additional line work (e.g. an additional pole) is required?

The amount of the contribution that customers are required to pay towards line (cable) work depends on several factors. It takes into consideration the total cost of the work required, an estimate of the customer's energy consumption in the first year of operation, and the extent that the work required will benefit their customers in the short to medium term.

Does the full contribution have to be paid before the work is done?

Normally, all line work should be paid for before we schedule the work to be done. Under special circumstances, a payment plan may be worked out for Domestic Service customers. What is the charges for a new service?

For New (or Upgraded) Services, the service charge is $58.75 for a single phase supply up to 100 amps, and $235.00 for a single phase supply greater than 100 amps and for all three phase supplies.