What is required for an existing service to be transferred (connected) to a new customer?

Customers over 18 years old can apply in our office or by letter for service to be connected in their name once they are the owner or occupant of the premises. They will be required to submit appropriate identification (Barbados ID or Passport), the service charge, information that will identify the service that is required (such as account number, name of last tenant, meter number) and possibly a security payment. Security Payments are required for all persons who are not permanent residents of Barbados and all non residential services

If the service is disconnected for more than 6 months or the installation is upgraded it will have to be certified by GEED and the inspection certificate of approval submitted to us before the service can be reconnected

If arrangements have not been made by the previous tenant to settle the bill up to the time that the transfer is required, the customer should also submit a Tenant Advice form completed by the landlord.

What is the service charge for a reconnection?

It is $23.50 ($20.00 plus $3.50 VAT) for a Residential customer and $47.00 ($40.00 plus $7.00 VAT) for a Commercial customer.

How much notice is required to transfer or reconnection of a service?

Two working days notice is normally required. We, however, will try to accommodate shorter periods, but we cannot guarantee this. Where possible, this should be coordinated with the landlord or the former tenant if the service is to be transferred without disruption of supply.