Termination of Service

What is the minimum amount that can be paid to avoid a debt disconnection?

The entire bill should be paid by the due date. Any delay in paying the full amount on the bill by the due date impacts negatively on a customer's credit rating and should be avoided where possible. However, a customer with a satisfactory credit rating who is unable to pay the full amount by the due date should, at minimum, pay the full amount of the arrears. Late payments and short payments are made at the customer's risk and should be done only after consultation with a customer service representative at 626-4300 or in one of our offices.

How can a service be terminated?

Customers wishing to terminate service can contact us by telephone, send a letter or visit our office. They will need to provide appropriate identification. They will also be required to provide the service and customer numbers on the account. If a new tenant is moving into the premises, this should be coordinated with the landlord and/or new tenant if the service is to be continued without disruption in supply. A forwarding address for the final bill to be sent is also required.

How much notice is required to have a service terminated?

Normally two working days are required.

Can a service be terminated retroactively?

A customer is responsible for all bills up to two working days after they advise us of their intention to terminate the service unless the new customer agrees to start his/her billing from an earlier meter reading. If for some reason we are unable to access the meter to determine a final reading after making reasonable attempts to do so, the former customer will be responsible for payment until the service can be terminated.

How long can I leave a service off?

The Government Electrical Engineering Department's regulations require that any service that is altered or that has been disconnected for 6 months or more, be certified before reconnecting.