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General Tips

Be Hurricane Prepared
Check your house and roof to ensure they are in good condition
Never touch fallen power lines
Know the location of your hurricane shelter
Check containers for water
Check batteries for radios and lanterns
Clear your property of any loose material
Check your home and contents insurance policy
Check your canned and dry goods supplies
Fly Kites Safely
NEVER fly kites or model planes near utility poles, power lines or aerials
NEVER fly a kite in busy streets
NEVER fly a kite near the path of incoming aircraft
NEVER use metal in your kite
ALWAYS plan your kite-flying outings away from power lines - The Garrison, Weymouth, Queen's Park and the East Coast
Plan Ahead
Plan where to plant a tree - away from power lines
Plan to buy in bulk to reduce the amount of packaging to be thrown out
Plan to buy a refrigerator by size of your family and by energy efficiency
Plan to include us early in your building projects or special events
Protect Your Environment
DON'T throw plastic bags into the sea
DO start a compost pile to save on garbage while making "green" fertiliser for your garden
ALWAYS use environmentally friendly "pesticides"
Protect Your Home
Make sure your electric wiring is in good condition
Have your electrician inspect your meter socket base for corrosion every 3-5 years, especially if you live in a coastal area
Never smoke in bed
Never overload sockets
Always check that the stove is off when leaving home
Safe Holidays
DO NOT CLIMB trees that have power lines running through them