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Energy Saving Tips

Fluorescent lighting gives more light output than an incandescent bulb of the same wattage. You can replace a 100W incandescent bulb by a 40W fluorescent tube and get the same amount of light.
Avoid opening the oven unnecessarily
Small appliances are small energy users
Use a toaster rather than the oven for making toast
Use cooking utensils with tight fitting lids
Cooking one pot meals saves energy
Fit the pan to the right size burner
Turn heat down after liquid has come to the boil
Cook vegetables in just enough water to cover them. Don't overcook them. Whenever possible, use a vegetable steamer.
Check that refrigerator gasket is sealing tightly
Take all that you need out of the refrigerator at one time when preparing meals
Avoid heavy frost build up. Defrost regularly
Cover all foods to be put in the refrigerator
Don't overcrowd your refrigerator
A dripping tap can send a tank of water down the drain each week
Full machine loads save water, detergent and energy. Don't overload
Set water control level to the size of the load
Let the sun dry clothes. Save the dryer for a rainy day
Keep the lint traps clean. Empty after every load
Fix dripping taps promptly
Do as much of your ironing as possible in one session. Always turn off the iron during interruptions
Living Room
Don't use your TV set as a radio.
Turn off the TV when no one is watching. Radios, CDs, and cassette players should not play to an empty room.
Dimmer switches vary lighting levels and provide energy savings.
Turn off lights and other equipment when not in use
Get the most out of your security lighting by trimming foliage which obstructs light.
Reduce car use by running several errands at one time, car-pooling, walking or riding a bicycle.
Consider replacing incandescent bulbs with more efficient fluorescent or high pressure sodium lights.
Have your car tuned at least every six months.