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The Barbados Light & Power Company Ltd. is once again raising a safety issue regarding the placement of signs on poles.

Corporate Communications Administrator, Jackie Marshall-Clarke, stated that “We acknowledge that it is a general election period but we are asking party supporters to refrain from placing posters and other signs on the utility poles. If this has already been done, please remove the staples and nails when the posters are removed.”

“It is a matter of safety for us. The staples and nails pose a serious danger to our Linemen when they have to climb the poles.”

Some pole identification numbers are obscured by the posters and in the event of an emergency Light & Power crews need to be able to identify these numbers.
In accordance with the Town and Country Planning Act CAP 240, permission from the Chief Town Planner is required in order to place posters or billboards in this manner.

As a part of the Company’s safety campaign, Light & Power would like to remind persons to desist from the practice of placing signs, posters and other notices on the utility poles. The safety of our employees and others who use our poles is very important to us.