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The automation of our PBX was implemented on  October 3.  Customers calling our offices will be now have the option of  using a directory to guide them to the individual  employee with whom they wish to speak.  The  directory, a common feature in many modern organizations,  will prompt callers to enter the first and last name of the employee they are trying to reach  and present the call to the intended recipient. In the event that the caller only enters the last name and there is more than one individual with that name the caller will be presented with the names of those individuals to choose from. 
The decision to implement the directory was in keeping with our focus on customers and enhancing the ease with which they are able to do business with us.  Indeed, the  benefits of having an automated PBX system are significant and include the following:
  • Increased level of service to customers. We currently receive a very high volume of calls through the PBX—approximately 6,000 per month.  This impacts our service level in the Customer Service queue, as  PBX calls are now handled by the Call Centre and there is no longer a dedicated PBX operator. Fewer calls through the PBX queue (626-1800) will allow our personnel to answer Customer Service Queries to the benefit of customers calling our main Customer Service line, 626-4300.  
  • Greater convenience for customers calling to speak directly  to employees. Persons calling individual employees may opt to use an automated directory and  avoid waiting in the queue.  
  • Availability of directory after hours. 
  • Customers have more choices with regard to how they wish to do business. Callers who do not wish to use the automated system may still speak to a Customer Service Representative in order to reach an employee.  However, employees are encouraged to tell persons their direct extensions to further reduce the number of callers in the PBX queue.