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On April 14, 2012, Powering our Nation’s Progress - The Story of Electricity Service in Barbados 1911 – 2011a coffee table history book written by Dr. Henderson Carter, chronicling the story of electricity service in Barbados between 1911 – 2011, picked up its second Gold Addy Award (American Advertising Federation Award).  The book, which won at the Caribbean level and again at the District level (Caribbean and Florida) takes a look at the financial and social development that occurred with the advent of electricity and how that shaped our culture and society.

Associate Creative Director - Marlo Hunte, Managing Director, Light & Power Holdings / former Managing Director The Barbados Light & Power Co. Ltd - Peter Williams, Creative Director - Allison Cadogan, Writer - Dr. Henderson Carter, Librarian / Publication Producer - Sandra Reid, Chief Operating Officer -Steven Worme, Senior Account Executive - Dianne Squires, Managing Director – Devin Griffith. 

Sandra Reid, BL&P Publications Producer expressed her excitement over the book’s achievement. “I am delighted that the book is being so well received and that we were able to chronicle the role Light & Power played in the overall development of Barbados in such a creative and visually appealing manner.  The awards process focuses attention on the Company, the author, Dr. Henderson Carter, G&A Communications Inc. and, more importantly, on our entire island nation, whose social and economic development over the past 100 years has been remarkable, due in large part to a reliable electricity supply.   Thanks to G&A for entering the book on our behalf and kudos to them on their creative output.  This is a proud moment for everyone involved in the project.”

The book is two hundred and four pages of rich Barbadian history with pictures dating as far back as 1910.

Giving his view on the publication’s significance, the book’s writer, Dr. Henderson Carter, Lecturer in History The University of the West Indies, Cave Hill stated,  “Powering Our Nation’s Progress is the Barbados Light & Power’s anniversary gift to Barbados in several respects. The book’s pictorial essay points graphically to our socio-economic development, while significant historical milestones are captured by a series of national and international timelines.” Carter went on to say, “Beyond the attractive coffee table appearance, the publication provides a wealth of detail on the history of the provision of electricity service to the country, enabling a better understanding of the forces which have worked to assist the country in its development agenda. Already, many readers, thrilled by its pages, are appreciating the value of reliable light and power as one of the engines which drives the country’s society and economy. I am honoured to be a part of the production of this gift and thrilled by the publication’s recent success at the Addy Awards. I wish to express thanks to my research assistant, Mr. Euclid Jemmott, and the staff at Light & Power and G & A Communications for their hard work, commitment and support for the project.”

The publication was launched on May 21st, 2011 at a cocktail reception at the historic George Washington House.

The G&A Communications Inc. Creative team who worked on the publication also spoke about the immense learning experience.  Marlo Hunte, Associate Creative Director stated,“While working on this project it became evident how electricity brought people together; there wasn’t a late-night, domino-playing, culture in earlier days, but with the installation of street lights came the dawn of a new era.  So beyond it being a wonderful design challenge, it was an enjoyable learning experience.” 

Barbados was the first British West Indian territory in the Eastern Caribbean to have electricity.  On June 17, 1911 Lady Probyn flipped the switch to mark the official launch of electricity’s introduction to the island. 

This coffee table book, Powering Our Nation’s Progress, will go on to compete at the Addy National Competition which features the best of the best design from all territories.