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Managing Director, Mark King

We are pleased to officially welcome to office, the new Managing Director, Mr. Mark King, who assumes his responsibilities at the helm of The Barbados Light & Power Company Ltd. from today, November 1, 2011.

Mr. King joined The Barbados Light & Power Company Ltd. in the capacity of Trainee Engineer in the Distribution Department in 1976. Two years later, he was awarded a Commonwealth Scholarship and left the Company to pursue a Masters Degree in Digital Electronics.

When he returned to Light & Power in 1979 as a Distribution Engineer, one of the first major projects to receive his attention was the design and implementation of the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) system which was completed in 1984. The SCADA system was established to enable the Company to more rapidly identify and respond to disturbances on the Distribution network. Although a Trouble Calls unit was in existence, the distribution network still needed to be monitored. Mr. King spearheaded this project and also assumed responsibility for substation maintenance and plant records.

In 1984, he was appointed to the post of Senior Distribution Engineer and continued to serve in that capacity in all areas of the Company’s Distribution department. In 1999 Mr. King was asked to head up a cross functional Team of employees on a full time basis, to effect the implementation of the MAXIMO and Peoplesoft applications. These applications were destined to revolutionize the utilization of Information Technology across the Company. After successfully completing the project, he returned to his substantive role of Senior Distribution Engineer in 2001 until his appointment to the position of Information Systems Manager following the retirement of Mr. Anthony Watkins in 2005.  Soon afterward, in 2006 Mr. King was appointed to the position of Chief Operating Officer and assumed responsibility for the Distribution, and Generation Departments as well as the Materials Management section of the Company.  Mr. King also assumed responsibility for the development of the Health and Safety, Environmental and Quality Management System (HSEQ) which, under his direction, obtained ISO9001 certification in 2008.

Mr. King has a clear vision for the Company and feels that having joined forces with Emera, Light & Power is better positioned to achieve its goal of becoming “an energy service provider delivering world class service and reliability.”  Commenting on his recent appointment as Managing Director, Mr. King said “I am pleased to be provided this opportunity and truly humbled by the vote of confidence the Board of Directors has shown in me.  I look forward to working with the management team and appreciate their continued commitment and dedication to our Company and our customers.”

Mr. King, takes over the leadership of the Company from Mr. Peter Williams, who served as Managing Director from July 1, 2006, following the retirement of Mr. Andrew Gittens.  Mr. Williams, who was appointed as Managing Director of Light & Power Holdings in July 2011, will continue in that position, reporting to the Board of Light & Power Holdings.