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Restoration efforts continued during Tuesday, with good progress being made in several areas of the island to bring electricity back to Light & Power’s many customers.

Supply was restored to a number of areas around the island including; Brereton, Carrington, Ragged Point, Ocean City, Foul Bay, and Fortesque, St. Philip; Rock Dundo, St. James; Clapham, Club Morgan, Kendall Hill, Golf Club Road, Harts Gap, Lower Greys, Lowlands, Elizabeth Park to Bannatyne, and Fairy Valley, Christ Church; Brighton, St. Michael; Neils, St. Michael; and Prerogative, St. George. Customers in these areas who are still without power are asked to contact the Company at 436-9000.

Work continued into the night on restoring a large section of the Dukes feeder which feeds power into parts of St. Thomas and St. Joseph. Restoration work is also in progress in many other areas and this work will continue over the next several days.

At 1:00 p.m. on Tuesday, electricity demand was over 90% of normal levels. However, this does not reflect the percentage of customers restored as there are a number of large commercial customers which make up this demand.

The Company estimates that the majority of the repairs will be completed by this weekend, but wishes to emphasise that there will be areas and individual services where repairs will run into next week.

The Company is appreciative of the words of encouragement it has received from the general public. It is mindful that while a large number of customers are happy to have their power restored, there are many others that are still without supply. Light & Power continues to appeal to everyone to be patient and understanding during this period as its employees, including the many linesmen in the field, continue to work long hours under strenuous circumstances to return the island to normalcy.

In the meantime, the Company would again encourage persons to help their friends and neighbours who are without supply in whatever way they can.