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Teamwork and excellence are proud traditions handed down through generations of Light & Power employees, who have laboured for close to 100 years and who, for the past 25, have been recognized for their dedication to service excellence.  Indeed,   the significance of award and reward in the Company was brought clearly into focus on Friday, February 19, at the Hilton Barbados Hotel, when employees were recognized for various outstanding achievements.  Two of these award winners, representative of two generations of employees, emerged as Employee and Supervisor of the Year in what was clearly a demonstration that excellence knows no boundaries and is achievable by both long serving employees and relative newcomers to the Light & Power team.  It was in this light of celebration and recognition of fine service that Tyrone Alexander of the Finance Department and Marlene Walrond, from Information Systems were hailed as the Employee and Supervisor of the Year 2009, respectively.

Marlene Walrond Supervisor of the Year 2009 and Tyrone Alexander, Employee of the Year 2009, sharing a moment in the spotlight with Peter Williams, Managing Director.

Marlene, an employee since 1968 and a veteran of the awards stage, having copped the Supervisor of the Year title in 1990 and 1997, has demonstrated her leadership skills in no uncertain terms.  She performs her duties well and often goes beyond the call of duty to ensure that the best possible results are achieved.  She has improved the operation of her section and has gone to great lengths to ensure that everyone on her team is up-to-date with, and in agreement on any operational guidelines.  She has made herself and her office available for discussions with her team members, who are free to articulate any issues or offer operational suggestions.

Marlene works very well with her colleagues in the Information Systems Department and continually seeks to improve her customer relations skills. Indeed, her good rapport with her customers enables her to deliver the level of service that is expected throughout the Company in a friendly and efficient manner.  She has demonstrated a high level of professionalism when working with both external and internal customers, with whom she liaises to ensure that their requirements are met.  She possesses good working relationships with the employees in both the Customer Services and the Finance Departments and employees readily seek her advice as the first point of contact in the Information Systems Department.

She has provided tremendous assistance with the processing of payments to ensure that files are loaded in a timely manner and that customers’ balances are accurate. Marlene has also made significant improvements to the operations of the employee Information Systems Help Desk and continues to work extensively with her team to further enhance the facility.

Patient and understanding, Marlene went above and beyond the call of duty to assist with the training of employees in various internal applications and was commended for the effort she expended to ensure that everyone was trained.

Self motivated, thoughtful, dependable, helpful and responsible, Tyrone Alexander has earned the respect of his peers since he joined the Company in 2001 and has proved his mettle as a service provider of the highest level.

During the year under review, his excellent performance earned him a promotion to the position of Assistant Financial Accountant and later, a supervisory assignment in the treasury section of the Company.  Never one to shirk responsibility, whenever assistance was needed Tyrone never failed to help out.  When faced with staff shortages, he was not daunted but rather, dived in to resolve any stressful situations ensuring in the process that the Department’s Key Performance Indicators were successfully achieved.

A positive person, Tyrone always views the glass as “half full” instead of “half empty.” Whenever he is confronted with a challenge, he looks for the positive side and, in his own words, “looks at the bigger picture.” This optimistic attitude, along with his tireless efforts and his insistence that he will “get the job done” even if it means working extra hours, have helped to save the Company a great deal of money that would otherwise have been spent in soliciting temporary assistance.  He also gave excellent support to the Department during the rate hearing process.

In the normal course of duty Tyrone would voluntarily make trips to the bank and other Government financial institutions in order to meet strict deadlines for which the Company would incur significant penalties if the deadlines were not met. 

He is a member of the Company’s Performance Bonus Team and was an outstanding member of the rate challenge team, whose members assisted management in its preparation for the recent rate hearing.  While on holiday, he returned to ensure that a particular task was completed satisfactorily.

Tyrone has a good attendance and punctuality record and possesses good customer relations skills.  He is a great team player who is always willing to coach and train others and learn from them in the process.  Tyrone never tires of learning and recently completed the Advanced Utility School Program, attended the IFRS Standards Workshop and other ICAB related courses.

As tremendous as Marlene’s and Tyrone’s achievements are, the performances of other nominees, finalists and award winners are by no means diminished by comparison.  Instead, these employees are also to be lauded, applauded and hailed as the pillars of our Company – standard bearers of service excellence – the corner stone on which our Company stands.

The award winners and presenters are as follows:

10 Years
Presenter-Tiffani Straker,  Employee of the Year 2007/2008
Shawn Alleyne, Glendeen Bancroft, Philip Barrow, Jacqueline Blenman, Nigel Browne, Dwayne Burke, Dian Cadogan, Wayde Dottin, David Gittens, Corrie Harris, Sonia Haynes,  Samantha Hazlewood, Ken Howard, Rennis Johnson, Clyde McClean, Kirk Proverbs, Henderson Rouse,  Rosalind Shallow, Frances Walrond,  Marlon Weekes

15 Years
Presenter- Tiffani Straker,  Employee of the Year 2007 & 2008
Hutson Best, Cathy-Ann Burke, Kenneth Gibson, Lana Harewood, May Etta King
  20 Years   
Presenter- Henry Scantlebury,  Supervisor of the Year 2008
Wade Boyce, Kerwin Browne, Ralph Cumberbatch, Hetty Daisley, Andrew Foster, Wayne Gaskin, Trevor Gittens, Majella Gooding, Ricky Greaves, Linda Jordan, Kelvin Knight, David McClean, Anthony Philips, Sherri Riley, Gregory Sobers, Carole Smith, Ronald Stanford, Hazel Waldron, Robert Waterman

30 Years
Presenter- Kathyanne Chase,  Employee of the Year 2001 & 2003
Carlisle Farrell, Whitfield Green, Beresford Griffith, Winston Harewood,  Alfred Holder, Noel Hunte, Everton Maynard, Lionel Maxwell, Reginald Parris, Geoffrey Richards, Bentley Roach, Julian Roach, Henry Scantlebury, David Slocombe, Frederick Yearwood,

35 Years
Presenter- Kathyanne Chase,  Employee of the Year 2001& 2003
Toplanson Francis, Grantley Gill, 
Rudolph Greenidge, Samuel Griffith, Ethan Jordan, Henry Padmore

40 Years 
Presenter- Roger Blackman, Senior Planning Engineer
Hugh Fitt, Daphne Green, Charles Grant, Patricia King, Ervine Prescod, 
Cecile Stoute

45 Years
Presenter - Roger Blackman, Senior Planning Engineer
Marva Browne, Tyrone Holder

Presenter- Charles Harris,  Senior Distribution Engineer

42 Years
Anthony Cumberbatch, Emerson Taylor

39 Years
Calvin Griffith
24 Years
Lloyd Waterman

Special Appreciation Award
Generation Department personnel who assisted in the fire fighting effort on
 December 24, 2009 
Presenter:  Hallam Edwards,  Senior Manager Generation

Christopher Allman, Adrian Babb, Winfield Best, Richardson Boyce, Athelbert Broomes, Anthony Drakes, Richard Gibson, Johann Greaves,  Vernon Hoyte, Wayne Jessamy,  Rennis Johnson, Victor Stoute, Steve Trotman, Rodney Waltress, Conway Weekes

Appreciation Award - ERC
Presenter: Alicia Chandler,  President of the ERC
Andrew Collymore 
New 25-Year Club Members
David Banfield, Wilfred Clarke, Juliet Mapp, Victor Moore, Claudius Taitt, Ronald Sargeant,  Audley Tull 

Customer Service Award
Presenter: Anthony Callender,  Employee of the Year 1994

Angela Fitzgerald, Cecil Yearwood

Customer Services
Sophia Peters, Sherri Riley

Shawn Alleyne, Pedro Bowen, Grantley Gill, Ken Howard, Lionel Maxwell

Curtis Brewster, Peter Taitt, Emmerson Taylor, Ian Vaughan

Michael Browne, Geoffrey Lovell, Bentley Roach, Steve Trotman,  Denis Gooding

Cindy Callender, John Payne

David Gittens, David Slocombe, Robert Waterman

Tyrone Alexander, Margaret Blackman

Pedro Lawrence

Human Resources
Samantha Archer, Trecia Brewster, Alicia Chandler

Katrina Brathwaite, Tracey Greene, Sonia Haynes, Gillian Marshall, Tanya Quarless

Information Systems
Marlene Walrond

Perfect Attendance Award
Presenter – Reginald Parris, Supervisor of the Year 2000
Angela Fitzgerald, Mitchell Greenidge
Customer Services 
Ralph Cumberbatch, Lewis Daniel, Tyrone Holder, Linda Jordan, Richard Maynard, Harry Nicholls,  Lena Norville-Williams, Ervine Prescod, Edward Simpson, Kelvin Whittaker, Stephen Williams

Cyrilene Bryan, Anthony Callender, Stephen Daniel, Neil Harewood,  Robert Harewood, Cori King, Lionel Maxwell, Willoughby Walcott, Jefferson Wason

Tyrone Alexander

Philip Bayley, Roger Beckles, Wayne Blenman, Athelbert Broomes, Edwin Davis, Carlisle Farrell,  Uylesses Fenty, Charmaine Gill-Evans, Donald Hoyte, May Etta King, Everton Maynard,  Wayne Prescod,  Henry Scantlebury, Dave Skeete, Pedthro Thompson, Louis Watkins

Human Resources
Paula Pitt, Anthony Seale
Information Systems
Amanda Bayley, Philip Corbin, Tiffani Straker

Marketing & Corporate Communications
Adrian Carter, Jacqueline Marshall-Clarke, Sandra Reid

Volunteer Award
Presenter -  Kenrick Gill,  Employee of the Year 1993
Anderson Henry

Most Outstanding Employee
Presenter -  Wayne Yearwood, Human Resources Manager

Most Outstanding Employee – Customer Services
Alicia Mottley

The Darnley Williams Senior Award
Most Outstanding Employee - Distribution
Dion Allen
Most Outstanding Employee – Generation
Everil Jones

Most Outstanding Employee – Support Staff
Tyrone Alexander

Most Outstanding Supervisor
Presenter: Sandra Franklyn, Manager Information Systems

Most Outstanding Supervisor – Customer Services
Sheila Walcott

Most Outstanding Supervisor – Distribution
Anthony Callender 

Most Outstanding Supervisor – Generation
Colvin Bynoe

Most Outstanding Supervisor – Support Staff
Marlene Walrond

Employee Of The Year 2009
Tyrone Alexander

Supervisor Of The Year 2009
Marlene Walrond