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  Left to right: Matthew Farley, Principal, Garrison Secondary School, Wayne Yearwood, Human Resources Manager, Dr. Wendy Griffith-Watson, Chief Education Officer and Junior Allsop, Chairman of the Board, Garrison Secondary School.

Our Student’s Planner, currently the flagship of our Company’s youth programme, will now have the support of another initiative designed to provide a more hands on learning opportunity for students.


Dubbed the BL&P “Transition Programme,”  the initiative will enable students to interact with their principal and teachers in a way which is not currently provided for in the formal academic schedule.  First year students from the Garrison Secondary school will benefit from the expertise of our staff from the Human Resources and Distribution Departments, who will engage the youth in sessions which will help them to start thinking about their future and making positive career and behavioral choices as they transition from one form to another within the school system and, ultimately,  from the academic environment to the world of work.


The initiative has earned the support of the Ministry of Education, which was represented by the Chief Education Officer, Dr. Wendy Griffith Watson at the launch of the programme at the Garrison School on Wednesday, August 19.   Also present were Junior Allsop, Chairman of the Board, Garrison Secondary School and Mr. Matthew Farley, Principal, Garrison Secondary School.


Representing our Company were Mr. Wayne Yearwood, Laina Jacob, Tony Seale, Gloria Grant, Gail-Ann King, Alicia Chandler and Dian Thomas.


Speaking on behalf of Light & Power, Mr. Wayne Yearwood, Human Resources Manager, voiced his pleasure at the Company’s involvement in the programme.  He noted that the initiative spoke to our commitment to the country’s youth and was part of our strategic objectives as a Company to strengthen stakeholder relations. 


Mr. Yearwood said that for over a decade, Light & Power has assisted the Garrison School with various projects and when the time came for us to select the school with which we would partner to make this new programme a reality, the Garrison School was an immediate choice.  It’s proximity to our Company’s headquarters makes for an easy commute and the positive relationship  shared with the school over the years, is one which we are pleased to honour and celebrate.  Speaking directly to the students, Mr. Yearwood urged them to make good use of the programme, bearing in mind that “secondary school is where you start to make decisions for yourself.”  He encouraged them to “aim to leave secondary school with a reputation that an employee would be happy about,” and that “your teachers and principals will be the references for your first job.”


Mr. Yearwood also presented Student’s Planners to the school for the participants of the Transition Programme, which kicks off a new phase of initiatives which are being planned for the Garrison School.  We applaud all those persons who are working towards the success of the project and look forward to hearing more as events unfold.