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Supervisor of the Year, Henry Scantlebury and Employee of the Year, Tiffani Straker, enjoying their time in the spotlight with Managing Director, Peter Williams.

When the curtain fell on the 24th Annual Awards Ceremony held at the Hilton Barbados on February 6, 2009, Tiffani Straker and Henry Scantlebury had emerged as Employee and Supervisor of the Year respectively - titles earned previously by both employees.

Tiffani, earned the award of Employee of the Year for 2007, while Henry, took top honouors as Supervisor of the Year in 1989. Tiffani, a Database Analyst is a key and valuable member of the Information Systems Department of the Barbados Light & Power Co. Ltd. She served in the post as a Programmer / Analyst I from the December 1, 2002 and was promoted in April 2007 to the post of Database Administrator. For the timeframe under consideration for the award of Employee of the Year, Tiffani performed exceptionally well in the Department. Her high level of intelligence and ability to complete tasks efficiently served the section well.

Tiffani proved to be a fast learner and a good team player's evidenced in her ability to get along with other people, her technical knowledge, her willingness to tackle problems and her speed in doing so. She has worked on several important Company teams and is a member of the Employee Relations Council and the Supervisory Committee of the Light & Power Credit Union. During the testing phase for Project CARE, a customer service and billing programme, there was an issue, which prevented users from accessing any of the testing environments.

Though not the Database Analyst assigned, Tiffani had to quickly research, troubleshoot and resolve this problem (which she did successfully) with little technical knowledge beforehand of the issues to be dealt with. She was also instrumental in developing the interface, which updates CC&B with payment information received from our various payment agencies. Tiffani has gained a reputation within the Information Systems Department for getting work done quickly.

Her ready smile, her extremely pleasant demeanour, and the ease with which she gets on with her colleagues, have all positively contributed to the overall morale of her Section.

Henry Scantlebury, who joined the Company on May 14, 1979 currently holds the position of Shift Charge Supervisor in the Generation Department. During the review period, Henry played a pivotal role in getting the trainee Plant Attendants and trainee Equipment Operators up to speed to progress through their training programme and facilitated a two-week course entitled Electrical Fundamentals which was a course heavily requested by employees.

Henry's vast knowledge of the new Low Speed Diesel B plant makes him the "go to" person when troubleshooting is necessary and is constantly making suggestions to improve the overall efficiency of the plant. One such suggestion related to the modification of portable water storage system at Spring Garden to provide more capacity and efficient operation of the water system.

Henry has good interpersonal relationships with his team members and other co-workers and is very approachable. He has a keen interest in finding out how things work and sharing his knowledge with others.

Whether it is related to auto-mechanics, electrical installation, construction, renewable energy or a range of other areas, Henry always has some information or advice to share.

Tiffani and Henry are indeed an amazing duo, who may well feel a sense of pride in their success, for they represent the "best of the best", standing above a cadre of other dedicated kilowatt employees, whose work, loyalty, commitment and long service were also recognised during the Ceremony.

Employee contributions in those areas, together with awards presented for Customer Service, Perfect Attendance and Volunteerism, made for a full package of reward and recognition "a celebration of our greatest assets" our people, who expend tremendous effort for the good of the Company.

The awards, recipients and presenters are as follows:

Long Service Awards
10 Years
(Presented by Mrs. Kathyanne Chase Employee of the Year 2001, 2003)

Carlton Griffith, Wesley Haynes, Jeanine Linton, Sophia Peters, Adrian Pinder, Edison Proctor, Stephen Small

15 Years
(Presented by Mrs. Kathyanne Chase Employee of the Year 2001, 2003)
Winfield Best, Colin Brewster, Kevin Burgess, Dawn-Marie Clarke, James Coppin, Joseph Griffith, Roger Thompson 

20 Years
(Presented by Mrs. Joan Griffith 
Most Outstanding Employee - Generation 2002, 2006, 2007)
Mark-Anthony Atkins, Wayne Austin, Denise Barker, Richard Beckles, Margaret Blackman, Curtis Brewster, Victor Browne, Edward Cummings, Ernest Darlington, Barry Davis, Ralston Gittens, Yvette Harris, Kerry Inniss, Barry Jackman, Bonita Medford, Curtis Miller, Dawn Roach, Bertram Rouse, Arlette Sisnett, Steve Trotman, Wesley Trotman, Marva Weekes 

Long Service Awards - 30 Years
(Presented By Mr. Winston Harewood
Most Outstanding Employee - Support Staff 2002, 2003)
Chesterfield Absalom, Alva Baird, Philip Corbin, Ivor Gilkes, Charsley Harewood, Ricardo Headley, Ira Holder, John Lovell, Brian McCartney, Anderson Nervais, Anthony Seale, Jefferson Stuart, Roger Thorpe 

Long Service Awards - 35 Years
(Presented By Mr. Winston Harewood
Most Outstanding Employee - Support Staff 2002, 2003)
Philip Bayley, David Brathwaite, Lena Bryan, Winston Butcher, Lewis Daniel, Kenrick Gill, Fitzalbert Licorish, Anthony Toppin 

Long Service Awards - 40 Years
(Presented By Mr. Hutson Best, Chief Financial Officer)
Sheila Walcott, Marlene Walrond 

(Presented By Mr. Hutson Best, Chief Financial Officer)
Kaspar Coward - 28 Years
Evan Goddard - 41 Years
Henderson Jordan - 30 Years
Keith Richards - 27 Years
Ronville Sparrock - 34 Years
St. Clair Springer - 27 Years

Special Appreciation Award
Fitzalbert Licorish

New 25-Year Club Members
(Pictorial tribute)
Kenifer Best, Richardson Boyce, Reginald Burnett, Joycelyn Clarke, Tyrone Clarke, Junior Cumberbatch, Ricardo Edwards, Jeffrey Foster, Jeanne Gittens, Vernol Griffith, Willis Hall, Patricia Haynes, Jack Lewis, Ronald Roach, Jean Straughn, Derrick Smith, Peter Taitt, Jeffrey Thompson, Steve Trotman, Rodney Waltress, Hayden Watson 

Customer Service Award
(Presented By Mr. Jack Lewis, Senior Generation Engineer and Mr. Hallam Edwards, Senior Manager Generation)

Tyrone Jones

Customer Services
Nigel Browne

David Slocombe, Robert Waterman , Dave Lynton

Tyrone Alexander, Kelly-Ann Chandler, Juliet Mapp

Latoya Miller

Human Resources
Alicia Chandler 

Information Systems
Anderson Herman

Marketing & Corporate Communications
Samantha Hazlewood 

Perfect Attendance Award
(Presented By Mrs. Laina Jacob
Human Resource Development Specialist)

Frederick Adamson, Reginald Greaves

Customer Services
Ralph Cumberbatch, Nigel Harris, Gerry King, Harry Nicholls, Ervine Prescod, Sheila Walcott, Kelvin Whittaker

Julie Alleyne, Anthony Callender, Stephen Daniel, Robert Harewood, Sanderson Holder, Cori King, Lionel Maxwell, Paula Palmer, Reginald Parris, Winston Sealy, Willoughby Walcott

Tyrone Alexander, Eleanor Morgan

Roger Beckles, Uylesses Fenty, Charmaine Gill, Johann Greaves, Gail Inniss, Fitzalbert Licorish, Everton Maynard, Wayne Prescod, Carl Roach, Henry Scantlebury, Dave Skeete, Albert St. John, Lloyd Waterman, Hayden Watson, Michael Worrell 

Human Resources
Paula Pitt, Anthony Seale 

Information Systems
Yvette Blackman, Marva Browne, Philip Corbin Marlene Walrond 

Marketing & Corporate Communications
Adrian Carter, Jackie Marshall-Clarke 

Volunteer Award
(Presented by Mr. Victor Callender Senior Distribution Engineer)

Samantha Archer 

Most Outstanding Employee Award
(Presented by Mr. Stephen Worme, Chief Marketing Officer)
Most Outstanding Employee - Support Staff

Tiffani Straker 

The Darnley Williams Senior Award 
Most Outstanding Employee - Distribution
James Pile 

Most Outstanding Employee - Generation
Anderson Henry

Most Outstanding Employee - Customer Services
Dawn Roach 

Most Outstanding Supervisor Award
(Presented by Mr. Mark King, Chief Operating Officer)

Most Outstanding Supervisor - Support Staff
Eleanor Morgan 

Most Outstanding Supervisor - Distribution
Willoughby Walcott

Most Outstanding Supervisor - Generation
Henry Scantlebury

Most Outstanding Supervisor - Customer Services
Rodney Dottin 

Employee of the Year
Tiffani Straker

Supervisor of the Year
Henry Scantlebury