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The Barbados Light & Power Co. Ltd. marked the 10th Anniversary of the launch of the Student's Planner, with a presentation on September 19, 2008, at the Company's Garrison Headquarters.

The presentation brought together a number of educators and students to help commemorate the event, as the Company recognized a number individuals who worked with the Student's Planners since its inception. Several schools, whose support of the Planners was outstanding, in terms of use and sales, were also commended.

Since 1998, the Student's Planner, which was originally referred to as the Student's Calendar, was used by the Company as an important tool in support of the development of our nation's young people. Although the book has undergone several cosmetic changes over the years, its focus on time management, goal setting and the development of other scholastic and life skills has remained constant.

For the first 7 years of production, the Planners were offered to secondary school students free of cost. In 2006, the decision was taken to widen the scope of the books and make them available to primary schools. From that time, a nominal fee of $5.00 was charged to help ensure that the students who received books, actually intended to use them.

More importantly, the fee provided a means whereby the Company could contribute to our nation's educational system in a more tangible way. Of the $5.00 charged for each Planner, the schools are allowed to keep $1.50 for each one sold. The remainder is paid back into the Company, which in turn uses the money, less VAT, to assist with projects which have gained the support of the Ministry of Education and Secondary and Primary School Principals.

Errol Griffith Managing Director of the Freemind Institute (second from right) expressing his appreciation to Stephen Worme, Chief Marketing Officer for Light & Power's support of the project: "Journey Towards Personal Excellence." Jeff Broome, President of the Association of Public Secondary Schools Principals (left) and Laurie King, Deputy Chief Education Officer (right) witnessing the moment.  

One such project is the launch of "Journey Towards Personal Excellence." Organised by the Freemind Institute, this programme is normally offered to adults. However, it has been tailored to secondary school students, who are at an age where they too can benefit from the life lessons which will be taught. The workshop, which will be conducted over a 4-day period, is essentially a personal life development programme and will be offered to schools throughout the island. The first of the series will kick off with students from the Alleyne School on Monday, September 29, 2008.