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Customer Services Department employees working during the go-live phase of the CC&B project.After 18 years, our home grown legacy Customer Information System (CIS) was officially laid to rest on Wednesday, May 28, with the start of the conversion of data to the new CIS, designated, CC&B, an acronym for Customer Care & Billing.

Thanks to the technical team, the conversion of records dating back to January 2007 was completed late in the evening of Saturday, May 31, well ahead of schedule.

This early completion allowed the Customer Services staff to start, from as early as 6:00 a.m. on the morning of Sunday June 1, 12 hours ahead of schedule, on the process of inputting of over 1,300 records of information that were gathered since the plug was pulled on the legacy system on May 28, as well as older data that could not be readily converted. By around 7:00 p.m. on Sunday evening, after a few minor hitches, all of the required records were input and the system was ready and available for staff to serve customers first thing on the morning of Monday, June 2. Printed receipts are now being provided to each customer making payments in our offices and we are now better positioned to meet the growing needs of our customers.

The new CIS boasts vast capabilities for customer research and marketing - a powerful tool, which will be fully explored as time goes on. Graphical displays are also an important feature of the system, as usage patterns can be readily identified. This type of information should be more easily understood by customers wanting to take control of their energy consumption.

In addition to the services CC&B will offer immediately, it allows for an even wider range of possibilities for the future. These include an interface for web-based queries, online payments, the development of alternative pricing structures, easier integration with outage management and easier facilitation of an advanced metering infrastructure.

The successful implementation of CC&B has as much to do with the product itself, as it does with the suppliers, consultants, technicians and users, who have embraced the changes that it encompasses.