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Government has advised that, from December 2007, they will be subsidizing the cost of fuel used in electricity production for residential customers to buffer the impact of increasing fuel prices on their electricity bills.

According to Mr Peter Williams, our Managing Director, this will be done through a subsidy on heavy fuel oil, the major fuel used in our electricity generation, in order to maintain the level of the Fuel Clause Adjustment at the October 2007 level, until further notice.

This change has been approved by the Fair Trading Commission, and will apply to those customers in the Domestic and General Service tariffs, identified on the bill in the box marked Rate, as Rate 1 and Rate 2 respectively. The full amount of the subsidy will be passed to customers through the Fuel Clause Adjustment. This will also apply to employees of the Company.

This means that, despite the increasing cost of fuel, the Fuel Clause Adjustment in December for customers in the Domestic Service and General Service tariffs will be 23.5375 cents per kWh, the same level as October. This is approximately 2.5 cents less than the November fuel clause of 26.0279 cents per kWh.

Consequently, a Domestic Service customer using 200 kWh would be paying $100.37 (approximately 50.2 cents per kWh) in December, approximately $6 less than what they would have paid in November for the same energy usage. However, if customers are billed for a different energy usage in December than November, their bills will vary accordingly.

Customers in all other tariffs will be billed with a Fuel Clause Adjustment that is calculated in the usual manner and their bills will not be affected by the subsidy.

While this is good news for those customers who will benefit, this subsidy is expected to cost Government in excess of $1 million per month.

We are therefore encouraging customers to step up their energy conservation efforts by cutting out any wastage that may occur in their energy consumption. While customers may wish to beautify their homes with lights at Christmas and enjoy the many activities around this time of year, they should be ever conscious of how they use their lights and appliances and ensure that energy conservation continues to be a priority in their lives.