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Electricians attending the first in the series of five half-day seminars

The week-long series of half-day seminars for electricians and wiremen, held jointly by our Company and the Government Electrical Engineering Department (GEED), wrapped up on Friday, October 5, after a successful opening the previous Monday at the Dining Club, Manor Lodge, St. Michael.

Centered around the theme: “Grounding Today For Tomorrow,’” the seminars catered to approximately 1000 of our island’s electricians and electrical wiremen, who learned of the GEED’s new grounding regulations, which will come into effect from January 1, 2008.

In her brief Opening Remarks, Power Quality Engineer, Joan Bourne commented that such seminars, the third held in collaboration with GEED, are as much about providing information and planning new services as they are about building strong relationships for the good of the customer. Customer Services Manager, Hal Hunte reiterated this message, as he underscored the importance of maintaining effective bonds between customers, the electricians, the GEED and The Barbados Light & Power Company. He spoke of a partnership between these entities and referred to the presentation of a number of ground resistance testing devices by our Company to the GEED. The donation was part of our thrust to assist the Government’s electrical inspectors in safeguarding the integrity of local electrical installations.

Also on hand to witness the proceedings and lend his support for the work of the joint sponsors, was Senator Tyrone Barker, Minister of Transport and Works (Ag). In his Feature Address, Senator Barker voiced his satisfaction with the turnout, declaring it to be an indication of the level of interest which the electricians have in their profession. He further attributed their attendance to their dedication to customers and the quality of service which they endeavour to provide. He applauded their display of commitment and stressed that they must seek to give of their best at all times, as examples of shoddy workmanship are clearly evident today. He urged them not to cut corners as they execute the installations, since they will be doing their customers a great disservice.

He commended The Barbados Light & Power Company and the GEED for their collaboration in an area of electrical installations that is often misunderstood and taken for granted, but which speaks to the heart of electrical safety. He stressed that the grounding of the electricity supply is fundamental to electrical safety and every effort must be made to ensure compliance. It is to this end that both the GEED and our Company are working.

Thanking the Senator for his support and Address, Mr. George King, GEED’s Chief Electrical Officer, delivered the first presentation of the morning, entitled “Grounding Requirements for the NEC Code.”

Presenter, Chester Pitt, explaining the use of an electronic ground resistance testing device.

The other presenters were Chester Pitt and Wesley Trotman, who spoke on Grounding Applications and BL&P’s Information and Requirements for Service Planning, respectively. The presentations were repeated throughout the week, so that all the attendees benefited equally from the same information.