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Senator Tyrone Barker, Minister of Transport and Works (Ag) and Ms. Joan Bourne, Power Quality Engineer looking on as Stephen Worme presents one of the ground resistance testers to Mr. George King, GEED's Chief Electrical Officer.

Thanks to Light & Power, the Government's electrical inspectors will be able to test the ground resistance on all new and or upgraded wiring installations for residential customers.

Light & Power donated six of these devices, which will be used to verify that electrical installations are done in accordance with prescribed grounding standards and regulations, to the Government's Electrical Engineering Department (GEED).

The units were officially presented to the Government's Chief Electrical Officer, Mr. George King at a brief morning ceremony on Monday, September 24, 2007, by our Chief Marketing Officer, Stephen Worme. Commenting on the usefulness of the equipment, Mr. Worme noted that grounding of a customer's electrical installation is a very important part of that installation but the one that is too often taken for granted...probably because the utility ground is there as a back up and under normal circumstances provides adequate protection. He said that our Company has been carrying out checks when problems such as damage to and malfunctioning of equipment occur at customers' premises including and has found that these are often caused by inadequate grounding on the customer's electrical installation.

Mr. Worme further noted that for several years Light & Power has been working with the Government Electrical Engineering Department and several improvements have been made in the techniques being used for grounding. He stated that the use of these test meters allows a higher level of compliance to be achieved as far as grounding of residential installations is concerned. They will allow the Government's electrical inspectors to adequately test the grounding at each installation to ensure the installation done by the electrician meets the desired standard. These no longer are going to be limited to visual inspection.

The presentation of the ground resistance testers comes the week before a seminar for electricians and electrical contractors. Scheduled to run from October 15, the seminar, entitled Grounding Today For Tomorrow, will inform the participating electrical wiremen of GEED's new grounding requirements, which will come into effect on January 1, 2008, and what they can do to ensure they achieve them.

Noting that almost every house in Barbados has electricity and householders are buying more and more gadgets and appliances, Senator Barker stressed the importance of safety as the watch word of all communities and our nation as a whole. As safety issues become paramount to the way we operate, he expressed his pleasure that Light & Power, a private entity and GEED a public entity have successfully teamed up in this area. He underscored the need for electricians and wiremen to stay current on the advancements in technology in their field and commended the work that our Company is doing to assist in their continuing education.

Pointing to the positive relations between the Government Electrical Engineers Department (GEED) and the Barbados Light & Power Co. Ltd. and their years of collaboration on several electricians seminars, George King, Chief Electrical Officer, voiced his appreciation for the opportunity to join forces with our Company once again to facilitate the upcoming electrician's seminar, which he expects will be as successful as the last one held two years ago, when the focus was on the National Electrical Code (NEC). Mr. King also thanked our Company for the kind donation of the test meters which, as Ms. Joan Bourne, Power Quality Engineer reiterated, will be used by GEED inspectors to ensure that the ground resistance of the different installations meets the levels stipulated in the regulations.