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Stephen Worme, Chief Marketing Officer, making the presentation to Cardinal Beckles, Senior Teacher,  Rodney Waltress of the Generation Department and Angela Dowridge-Browne, Principal of St. Luke's, looking on.

As we seek to support the youth of our nation in positive, character-building endeavours, our Company was pleased to donate cricket gear to the St. Luke's Brighton Primary School at a presentation on Monday, September 24. Making the presentation on behalf of our Company was Mr. Stephen Worme, Chief Marketing Officer.

One of the driving forces behind the team is our own Rodney Waltress, of the Generation Department, whose initiative it was to develop the team and take on the responsibility of preparing the pitches, cutting the grass on the outfield and coaching the youngsters. Rodney continues to work with the children and dedicates much of his own time to honing their skills in an activity which helps to unite us as a nation and as Caribbean people

For Rodney, himself a powerhouse in the sport and a stalwart in the Kilowatt cricket team, this is a labour of love, as St. Luke's holds a special place in his heart. He not only attended the school, but also had the privilege of seeing his own daughters graduate from there and move on to secondary school.
The St. Luke's team will be competing in the Herman Griffith Primary School cricket competition held in October and November. We wish them success in their quest for victory, and commend Rodney on his commitment to the youngsters.

Rodney Waltress, posing with the members of the St. Luke's Brighton Primary School Cricket Team.