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This morning (Thursday 2 November) at around 8.30 a.m., a fault developed on one of Light & Power’s gas turbine generators at the Seawell generating station resulting in a total shutdown of that station. 

When this occurred, the load shifted to the generators on line at Spring Garden but this additional load was too large for them to accommodate. As a result, automatic protective devices operated, as designed, to shed load temporarily resulting in disruption of supply to a limited number of customers in parts of the northern, western and northeastern sections of the island. 

With the two main 69,000 volt circuits between the Spring Garden generating station and the Central Substation at Haggatt Hall, which normally supply the southern part of the island, still out of service, the back up transmission lines supplying that area overloaded and tripped, affecting customers in sections of St Michael, St George, Christ Church and St Philip. In all, about 75% of customers across the island were affected by these outages.

Within 10 minutes of the occurrence restoration of supply started, and by about 9.00 a.m., a half hour after the problem occurred, supply had been restored to most customers. Supply to the remaining customers was restored by 9.40 a.m. 

This outage follows closely on the heels of an island-wide power outage, on Tuesday, October 31, which originated in the area of Codrington Hill when a flashover occurred on a pole which hosts the 24,000 volt line between Warrens and Haggatt Hall and the 11,000 volt line out of Whitepark. Investigations are continuing into why this incident resulted in such a wide outage.

Light & Power crews are hard at work to return the two 69,000 volt transmission circuits between Spring Garden and Central to service. Repair work has been completed and on completion of the final testing, these circuits should be returned to service by tomorrow, Friday 3 November. 

We apologise to all customers affected by these outages for the inconvenience caused and we assure them that we will continue our efforts to provide a safe and reliable electricity supply.