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Making its first appearance at the newly combined SciTech/Green Expo showcase last weekend, our Company nabbed first place as the Best Overall Exhibit in the Private Sector Category.

This victory is reminiscent of similar success at Green Expo in 2003, when the Company won the prize for the Best Exhibit in the Professional/Commercial category.

The exhibition was sponsored jointly this year by the National Council For Science and Technology and the Greening Barbados Committee, to promote a “culture of science and technology in Barbados, and to demonstrate that even simple environmentally sensitive choices and practices can have a positive impact on our society”. The exhibition ran from March 9-11 at the Sherbourne Conference Centre.

Our booth comprised two segments. The main exhibit focused on the impact of electricity in our everyday lives and some of the ways by which our Company seeks to safeguard the environment and fulfil its environmental responsibility as a corporate citizen. Incorporated into this segment were posters explaining the role of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study in our expansion plans, using the proposed site development at Trent’s, St. Lucy as an example. Also present was the popular lighting board, which displayed energy efficient lighting options and a floor plan, which showed visitors how the use of various electrical appliances in the home contribute to overall electricity costs.

The other component of the display catered to younger visitors and featured the Energy Buster, the interactive meter reading and card game, which was first introduced to the public at Kidz World last year. The Energy Buster perpetuated the theme of energy conservation and not only provided players with the opportunity to learn to read their meters, but also helped to build an awareness of what constitutes energy wasting habits in the home and simple measures that anyone, even young children, can take to mitigate against them.

Our Company recognises the need to protect our environment and was pleased to play its part in helping to foster an awareness among Barbadians of the need to use energy wisely.

The prize giving ceremony took place at the Sherbourne Conference Centre on the final day of the Expo. Receiving the award on the Company’s behalf was Mr. Stephen Worme, Manager Marketing and Corporate Communications, the Department responsible for coordinating our participation in the event.

Our prize winning display was the end product of much planning, effort and teamwork on the part of a number of skilled and knowledgeable employees from various Departments from throughout the Company, under the leadership of Andrea Edey. Kudos to everyone involved.