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The Barbados Light & Power Company Limited has awarded a contract to ABB Power Technologies of Karlskrona, Sweden for the supply and installation of 132,000 volt and 24,000 volt underground transmission cables to substations in the north of the island.

Most of the trenching work will be carried out off of the road to minimize traffic disruption and will be done by C. O. Williams Construction who has been subcontracted to do this by ABB. The consulting engineers on the job will be Stantec Consulting (Caribbean) Limited.

The ABB / C.O. Williams Construction team has successfully completed previous contracts for the Company in 2000 and 2003.

These high voltage transmission cables will run along Highway 2A from Warrens Substation connecting substations opposite the St. Thomas Parish Church, Sion Hill, St. James and Maynards, St. Peter to a proposed new generating site at Trents in St. Lucy. This new site is required to accommodate additional generating capacity since the Company’s Spring Garden and Seawell Generating Stations are fully developed and no new development is planned for the original generating station in the historic Garrison area

According to Barbados Light & Power’s Chief Operating Officer, Peter Williams, “These new cables and substations are all part of a programme costing approximately Bds$70 million to upgrade the electricity transmission and distribution network in the north of the island to improve the reliability of service as well as to meet the growing demand for electricity.

He also stated that the construction of the new substation at Sion Hill is nearing completion and work has already started on the upgrade of two of the substations, at St. Thomas Parish Church and Maynards. When work is completed, the existing outdoor structures and switchgear at these two substations, which have been in operation for over twenty years, will be replaced by modern indoor high voltage switchgear. “The new indoor switchgear will not only be more reliable, but will also be more secure in the event of a storm or hurricane”, Williams said. The architectural design of the substation buildings is also being improved and the properties landscaped to enhance their appearance

The installation of 132,000 volt cables would be the first time the Company would be using such a high voltage for transmission of power. This is being done to allow for the transportation of large amount of power between the southern and northern parts of the island while at the same time improving the overall efficiency of the electricity network.