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Fire Safety Training

Light & Power employee, Stephen Small, demonstrating the use of a fire extinguisher under the watchful eye of Mr. George Hutchinson of Angus Fire, while other employees look on.

Recently, as the Barbados Fire Service was commencing their 50th Anniversary celebrations, The Barbados Light & Power Company was conducting a fire safety training course for its employees as part of its ongoing safety awareness programme.

Fires continue to impact the lives of Barbadians and take place with alarming frequency throughout the nation, sometimes with tragic outcomes. Barbados Light & Power believes that it is important for employees to be in a position to safeguard themselves against potential fire hazards both at home and in the workplace.

We are always saddened by the devastation that can occur due to a fire. Commenting on the importance of the programme within the Company, Brian Reece, Environmental, Health and Safety Officer, noted that while there are employees, such as linemen, substation and generation personnel, who work in areas of the Company which carry a greater risk of fire and who are exposed to periodic fire safety training and drills, the indiscriminating nature of fire necessitated similar training for other employees in the clerical and administrative areas of the Company.

Facilitated by Mr. George Hutchinson of Angus Fire and Acting Chief Fire Officer Randell Cox, the programme addressed both the theoretical and practical aspects of fire safety. During the classroom sessions, participants first grasped the basics of fire prevention and the differences in domestic/industrial fire fighting units. The outdoor component, which took place under carefully monitored conditions at the Company’s Garrison Hill headquarters, provided the employees with practical experience in the correct use of fire extinguishers and fire blankets.

Encouraged by the reception of the employees to the training, and the life-saving potential of the programme, Mr. Reece believes that this initiative is one which should be encouraged by employers within other organizations in Barbados.