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Grounding 06

In keeping with its promise to serve the community and to work with trade allies and others in the electric utility industry to provide a safe and reliable electricity supply to customers, the Barbados Light & Power Company provided the opportunity for approximately 250 Barbadian electricians to enhance their knowledge of electrical grounding through a series of free one day seminars. 

Grounding is an important aspect of the electricity installation process and, when performed correctly, helps to minimise both damage to electrical equipment and danger to the persons operating it. Conversely, poor grounding can lead to the untimely failure of equipment even when protected with surge protection devices. At a time when there has been a marked increase in the use of electronic equipment in homes, schools and businesses across the island, the need for proper grounding procedures to be observed has become more urgent as electricity consumers seek to maximise the use of their equipment. 

With specific reference to the National Electric (NEC) Code, the grounding seminars were developed in collaboration with the Government Electrical Engineering Department and through both classroom and field sessions, participants were afforded the opportunity to apply the theories imparted by the facilitator, Mr. Chester Pitt, in a safe and controlled environment. A former employee of the Barbados Light & Power Company and member of the NFPA (publishers of the NEC Code), Mr. Pitt has had many years of experience in designing grounding systems in England and Barbados.

This programme served as follow-on from a similar series in 2003, which Light & Power co-hosted with ERICO, a grounding equipment manufacturer based in Ohio, USA. Light & Power believes that it is through collaboration and cooperation between various stakeholders and such training opportunities for persons in the electrical industry, that electricity consumers throughout the island will be better served in areas relating to their power supply. Light & Power will continue to support such ventures that encourage safe electrical practices and assist customers in optimizing the use of their equipment and thereby obtaining greater value for their hard earned dollars.