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Barbados Light & Power - Accident Free Drivers

At a luncheon sponsored by CGM Brokers on Thursday, March 4, 2004 at the Savannah Hotel, Light & Power's drivers were praised by Mr. Stephen Ollivierre, Vice President, CGM, who noted that his firm provides similar brokerage services for a number of other companies with large fleets and that Light & Power's accident and maintenance records are very often used as the benchmarks against which others are measured. 

The Barbados Light & Power Company invests considerable resources in training and other programmes to promote safety awareness among its employees, sixty of whom were recently recognised for accident free driving for 5, 10, 15 and 20 year periods. They were commended by CGM Insurance Brokers, Light & Power's vehicle insurance brokers, who support the power company's initiatives with regard to driver safety, training and fleet maintenance. 

Light & Power is committed to working towards a goal of zero accidents and ensuring the safety of its employees and the general public. The Company's fleet of 93 vehicles is maintained under strict guidelines and drivers are required to complete a mandatory defensive driving programme to prepare them for safe and accident free operation on the country's roads. The programme trains the drivers to avoid all accidents and to anticipate and plan for the unexpected from other road users. 

Since the inception of the Defensive Driving programme in 1990, there has been a significant decrease in the occurrences and severity of accidents. Vehicle Accidents has been a Key Performance Indicator in the Company for many years, as it has a direct bearing on the Company's overall productivity and performance levels.

The Barbados Light & Power Co Ltd. thanks CGM Brokers for their support and their role in promoting driver safety. Light & Power also congratulates the drivers who have earned the commendation along with their supervisors and instructors who have contributed to the impressive driving records.