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The Barbados Light & Power Company was the recipient of the award for the Best Exhibit in the Professional/Commercial category at the Green Expo 2003, which took place at the Sherbourne Conference Centre from Friday, October 17 to Sunday, October 19. Our Company won this award amidst competition from 90 exhibitors in various categories. The booth was judged on the following criteria: Relevance to the environment - The degree to which the exhibit reflected an environmentally sustainable concept. Usefulness for Life - Whether or not the information/product has application in everyday life. Development - Whether or not the product/information can be developed further to have a positive impact on the environment. Presentation - The effectiveness of the display Clarity - Whether or not the message was clearly presented. The exterior of the BL&P booth at Green Expo 2003 – Sherbourne Conference Centre - October 17-19, 2003. Displays at the exhibition ran the gamut from eco tourism, disaster management, environmental research, water treatment, recycling, solid waste management and energy conservation to natural food, personal care products and a petting zoo for children. The event, which comprised part of the Greening Barbados project, was the first of its kind in Barbados and was designed to encourage Barbadians to adopt a more environmentally friendly way of life. Green Expo attracted exhibitors from regional and extra regional territories, including Dominica, Guyana, Suriname, Jamaica, Britain and Canada. A solid wooden structure painted red, in keeping with the corporate colour, our booth was decorated with lush plants and "live wire," set against a hand painted, "marbleized" background. Cutouts and shelves to accommodate computer monitors were also incorporated into the design. The booth allowed visitors to "withdraw" from the general buzz of activity and enter a cozy space in which they could concentrate on the information being presented. Visitors to the booth learned about certain aspects of our Company's operations, methods customers could adopt to reduce their own electricity consumption and costs, environmentally safe practices and our investigations into renewable energy, particularly wind energy. Notably, the aspect of the booth which featured wind energy was decorated somewhat differently--its use and arrangement of red and black fabric, catering to the futuristic appeal of the subject Information was presented verbally, by employees who manned the booth during the course of the exhibition, as well as via brochures, posters, photographs, computerised PowerPoint presentations and a lighting board. The lighting board not only displayed various lighting options, but also offered a vivid demonstration of how choices relating to equipment, as simple as light bulbs and illuminating devices impact on electricity usage and, consequently, electricity bills. Our Company's website was also introduced at the exhibition, and visitors were given the opportunity to peruse the site and secure answers to a number of questions which they had about electricity, and aspects of our operations and billing procedures. It was particularly heartening to see children of all ages maneuvering through the site and, in some instances, promising to help their parents to use it with the same dexterity. Perhaps the main highlight of our exhibition was a functioning six-foot model of a wind turbine, similar to the ones which are being considered for a proposed wind farm at Lamberts St. Lucy. Earlier this year, our Company initiated a feasibility study on the use of wind energy in Barbados. The draft final report for the study is currently under review. The report indicates that a wind energy project would be feasible provided that land is available at an acceptable cost. Lamberts East in St. Lucy has been identified as one of the best wind energy sites on the island, and a 10MW wind farm consisting of twelve turbines is being considered for installation at that site. Once installed, it is projected that a wind farm of this size would produce approximately 30 million kWhs per year, enough to meet the average annual needs of about 10,000 homes. The tower of each wind turbine will stand approximately 50 metres (the height of the Central Bank of Barbados) and the blades will extend a further 25 metres into the air. Our Company is pleased to have participated in the exhibition which provided a wonderful opportunity for us to reassure the Barbadian public of its commitment to providing the best service at a reasonable price, whilst minimising the impact that our operations may have on the environment. Through our participation, we also shared some of our plans for future development and strengthened our commitment to working with our trade allies, suppliers of electrical/electronic equipment and customers to ensure that customers obtain optimal benefits from their electricity service. Congratulations to Mr. Stephen Worme, Manager Marketing and Corporate Communications and his team of Andrea Jordan, Brian Reece, John Lovell, Roger Blackman, Terry Inniss, Joan Bourne, Sandra Reid and Cindy Neverson from Design Impressions for their successful exhibit. Andrea Jordan, one of the team members posing with the award. Many thanks to Harry Thomas, who did the electrical wiring for the "light board" and to Nneka Archer, Kathyanne Chase, Wayne Gooding, Howard Griffith, Jonathan Griffith, Johann Greaves, Nigel Harris, Samantha Hazlewood, Sanderson Holder, Clovena Lord, Bonita Medford, Brien Medford, Harry Nicholls, Kenifer Small, Stephen Small, Rachael Taitt and Steve Walcott who manned the booth during the exhibition. A special word of appreciation to the team from Events Unusual, who designed and constructed the physical structure of the booth as well as the management of TMR and Exclusive Lighting, who provided the lighting fixtures used on the light board.