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tens; Victor Callender, Distribution Engineer; Stephen Daniel, Distribution Supervisor; Andrew Gittens, Managing Director and Oliver Jones, Senior Distribution Engineer. In reporting on the team's mission, the Team Leader, Victor Callender said that it was not unusual to hear applause and loud cheers when power was restored to any given area. He indicated that this kind of response boosted their spirits and gave them the encouragement to go "the extra mile". The initial restoration assignments were easily and swiftly accomplished. However, as the team made its way towards the areas hardest hit by the hurricane, the challenges increased, as most of the repair work was required in heavily wooded areas, where poles and lines were situated along off-road tracks and in the backyards of private residences. In statements following the team's return, both Managing Director, Mr. Andrew Gittens and Distribution Manager, Mr Keith Richards praised the work of the men, and voiced their pleasure in the Company's ability to assist in such an important humanitarian effort. Mr. Gittens noted that this was the sixth time the Company had dispatched teams to hurricane affected islands. He said that we in Barbados must be mindful that there might come a time when we find ourselves in a similar situation, where external assistance is required, and that cooperation and reciprocity between utilities can be a vital factor in an island's recovery from these natural disasters. Mr. Richards noted that the team excelled as ambassadors for Barbados and for The Barbados Light & Power Company, earning kudos from both CARILEC and the Bermuda Electric Light Company (BELCO). He alluded to a report from Ms. Sandra Bain - VP Human Resources for BELCO and coordinator of many facets of the restoration exercise who complimented the work of all the teams. She singled out for special praise, the performances of the teams from the Belize Electricity Limited and The Barbados Light & Power Company Ltd, whom she said were very professional and effective and that the BELCO teams really enjoyed working with them. While the nine-member team worked overseas, those remaining at home put in the extra effort and continued to serve the Barbadian public, never once forgetting their commitment to customers at home. The Management of The Barbados Light & Power Company Limited wishes to thank all those persons who contributed to the success of this mission to Bermuda - the members of the team and those who supported them while they were away. They have held the Light & Power banner high and have given even greater significance to their motto: "We are there...."