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SurePay "the convenient way to pay," is a new way for you to pay your Light & Power bills. You may do so by entering a SurePay collection point and identifying yourself to a teller who will access your bill information, confirm the payment details and process your payment. You will receive an official receipt for the transaction and your account will be updated within 24 hours. You can make SurePay payments at these convenient locations (with others coming soon): Trimart - Bridge Street & Haggatt Hall Harvest Mart - Black Rock & Oistins Shopping Plaza ILLUMINAT (Barbados) Limited - White Park Road Price Chopper, Spry Street - Bridgetown If you have your bill with you Just hand it to the SurePay teller and indicate how much you want to pay. If you don’t have your bill with you Present your service number or your identification (if your ID is linked to your BL&P account) and the SurePay teller will access your bill information. Then indicate how much you want to pay. You may visit the SurePay webpage http://www.surepaybills.com/ for further information.