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The commissioning of the gas turbines, units GT05 and GT06, on February 12, 2003 represented "another milestone in our quest to meet the requirements of our customers." So said Generation Manager, Mr. Hallam Edwards as he welcomed the dignitaries and specially invited guests who were on hand to mark the conclusion of another phase in our Company's expansion programme. He noted that this programme involved considerable planning, and required continuous "analysis, the installation of equipment and systems and the training of employees to deliver excellent service." He further noted that in a competitive world of increasing customer demands, there was no room for trial and error and that companies were required to "develop strategic alliances with suppliers of goods and services capable of meeting the requirements." Mr. Edwards spoke of the integrity of the gas turbine units as well as the competence of the technical personnel, who not only took part in the design and installation of the units, but who have taken "personal ownership" to ensure their continued efficiency In his Address, the Managing Director, Mr. Andrew Gittens also noted the importance of planning and teamwork in developing our Company's resources. Mr. Gittens stated that from as early as 1999, when unit GT04 was commissioned, the Company's "engineers, planners and consultants were studying alternatives to determine the least cost option for expansion over the next 5 to 10 years." He indicated that part of the planning process involved the identification and selection of suppliers and manufacturers, who could be relied on to complete the various projects smoothly and efficiently and alluded to the global experience of Alstom Power the successor name for ABB Stal, and the work they had done in Barbados on the installations of GT02, GT03 and GT04. Mr. Soren Ramstrom, Senior Vice President of Alstom Power Sweden, later stated that regaining contracts, including Light & Power's, was not an easy feat, given the fierceness of the competition. Mr. Gittens briefly outlined the development and key operational aspects of the Seawell plant, noting that the site now has a total generating capacity of 73,000 kilowatts. He also spoke of the Company's commitment to finding the most cost-effective method of electricity generation, while at the same time, safeguarding the environment. The Managing Director also spoke of the Company's interest in developing renewable energy sources and "introducing fuel-diversity into the energy mix." He cited wind energy; photovoltaic cells, such as those located on the roof of the switchgear/workshop building at Seawell; micro turbines, three of which have already been installed; and waste heat from the low speed diesel engines at Spring Garden, as options. Appropriately, an audio/visual presentation underscored the theme of teamwork and growth. The presentation documented the development of the Company from its humble beginnings and limited resources in 1911 to its present structure and facilities. Throughout, the role of people "working together to satisfy customer requirements" was evident and, certainly, as the invitees viewed their surroundings, with the four gas turbines in the background, there could be no doubt that many talented people had come together as a cohesive unit for the good of our Company and our island Barbados.