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NEVER overload sockets

ALWAYS turn off Christmas tree lights when going out or going to bed

NEVER let Christmas tree lights touch curtains or any flammable materials

For outdoor lighting ALWAYS use weatherproof bulbs and sockets

If you have a fuse box (and not a circuit breaker) ALWAYS make sure you have the correct size fuze wire handy. 
NEVER use substitutes such as ordinary wire or hair pins.
NEVER use scotch tape or plaster

When joing sets of light together, ALWAYS use proper electrical connectors

ALWAYS turn off your stove when leaving the house even though you may just be popping to the shop for a few minutes

NEVER overload electrical circuits

ALWAYS unplug heat producing applicances e.g. toasters, toaster ovens, electric kettles, electric frying pans and irons when not in use. On/off switches can fail

If your gas oven flame goes out, ALWAYS remember to switch off the gas, open your windows, air the oven to allow the gas build-up to escape before re-lighting.