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Light & Power has acknowledged the Fair Trading Commission’s (FTC’s) increase of the capacity limit to 9MW for the Renewable Energy Rider (RER) programme. Interest in the RER programme has grown steadily since 2010, with over 500 participating customers to date and more have expressed an interest in benefitting from the Rider.

Last month, we applied to the FTC for an additional 1MW of capacity under the RER programme to enable more renewable energy customers to benefit, as we await the results of the Intermittent Energy Penetration Study. We expect the preliminary results of the Study in October and a final report in December. The results of the Study will inform any decisions related to potential adjustments to the capacity levels and rates on the RER.

We remain mindful of the potential stability risks inherent in grid-tied intermittent energy, and we will continue to protect the stability and safety of electricity service for all Barbadians. Also, we remain committed to working with the Minster of Energy, the Energy Division, the Fair Trading Commission and other stakeholders towards a sustainable energy future for Barbados.