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The Barbados Light & Power Company (BLPC) views the Fair Trading Commission’s (FTC’s) final decision on its Renewable Energy Rider (RER), issued on Wednesday, August 13, 2014, as balanced and in the best interests of all customers.

According to Roger Blackman, Managing Director Designate, “Customer interest in the RER program continues to be strong and the programme is growing rapidly. We want to ensure that all our customers - not just a select few- benefit, so we continue to assess the plan to facilitate customers who wish to join.”

Concurrent with the FTC’s decision, BLPC is advising customers that they are nearing the capacity that had been set for the RER programme, and they are working to manage the application and installation of RE systems more efficiently. To that end, BLPC is contacting customers with renewable energy (RE) applications pending over three (3) months to determine if the capacity reserved under the RER programme is still needed. Rohan Seale, Customer Services Manager, said that, “There is still space in the RER programme but we are taking steps to manage the remaining availability. We have informed the FTC of our efforts in this regard and will continue to consult with them. In addition to contacting customers who have RE applications pending for over 3 months, we have advanced the Intermittent Penetration Study to October, as the preliminary results will inform future decisions on the RE program.”

The RER is a programme designed by BLPC and approved by the FTC for customers with RE systems. It facilitates the interconnection of RE systems into the electricity grid and, to date, over 500 customers are benefitting from participation in the programme. The interconnection of RE systems is allowed under specific conditions set out by the ‘Requirements for Grid Interconnection of Renewable Generating Systems’ and customers are legally bound by the Renewable Energy Interconnection Agreement and the Renewable Energy Power Purchase Agreement.

The Barbados Light & Power Company is supportive of Government’s policy of 29% of the island’s energy needs from renewable sources by 2029. The Company will continue to work with the Minster of Energy, the Division of Energy, the Fair Trading Commission and other stakeholders to achieve a sustainable energy future for Barbados.