Follow these tips to keep you safe in the event that you encounter a downed power line while driving. 

How To Stay Safe in Your Vehicle 

Tips to keep you safe in the event you encounter a downed power line. 


  1. Stay in your vehicle and call 211. Communicate to others who may want to help you. Warn them to stay away from your vehicle.
  2. If you must exit the vehicle, jump clear with both feet together. The metal on the vehicle may be carrying the electricity from the downed power line. If you touch the metal of the vehicle and the ground at the same time, your body becomes a path for the electricity to travel and you could be electrocuted. Jumping from the vehicle with both feet ensures there is no connection between the vehicle, you, and the ground.
  3. Once outside the vehicle, do not touch any part of the vehicle. Move away by shuffling both feet on the ground until you are at least 20 metres away from the downed power line.


Contact with high voltage may damage a rubber tire. The tire could fail immediately, in 15 minutes or after several days, depending on the damage.If your vehicle has come in contact with a down power line:

  1. Do not drive the vehicle before carefully checking the tires.
  2. Allow tires to cool for at least one hour before examining.
  3. Have damaged tires inspected by a qualified tire facility.
  4. Inspect hydraulic equipment. Inspect computer equipment.