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At Light & Power we are deeply invested in our communities because these are our communities too. We live here, we power here and we grow here. 

Our Commitment to Communities

We have a strong record of supporting initiatives that make our communities stronger. We are also contributing to the economic and cultural vitality of the places we work, and investing in initiatives that promote public health and education.

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At Light & Power, we are deeply invested in our communities and are pleased to support many worthy events, which seek to improve the development and betterment of Barbadians.

At a national level, we support opportunities for progress and growth in line with the Company’s strategic direction through covenants and sponsorships.
At a community level, we support associations and activities through educational programmes and donations.

Our sponsorships are focused on four (4) main areas:

  1. Youth and Sport
  2.  Safety
  3. Health and Wellness
    4. Productivity and Quality