The Advanced Metering Infrastructure Project

The Barbados Light & Power Company has commenced work on its Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) which proposes to replace all existing electricity meters across Barbados. 

The AMI Project

The introduction of AMI is to provide improved service to our customers. The new AMI meters will be capable of two way communication and have the potential to provide several service improvements in order to meet the current and future needs of customers.

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of meters, networks and data that enables ‘two-way’ communication between the utility and its customers. The system can provide ‘real-time’ data about power consumption that will assist the company in its service management and will assist customers in making informed choices about their energy use.

A team of Light & Power employees and contractors have been trained on the new AMI technology and will be installing the meters.

The Benefits of AMI

Many utilities around the world have already adopted this new technology, which integrates ‘real time’ meter data with the billing system. Some of the benefits include:

Reading meters remotely, allows for monthly billing of customers based on actual readings. This will  eliminate the need for interim or estimated bills for customers.

The opportunity for introducing new improved services for customers e.g. Energy management.

Quicker response to customers and improved process for billing queries and service requests.

AMI's Frequently Asked Questions

Are these AMI meters safe and reliable?
How secure is data transmission?
Will you be able to tell what equipment I have in my home?
Will the customer be able to know how much electricity he/she is using?
Will customers still receive interim bills when AMI is introduced?
How do I contact BL&P if I have any more questions?