The LED Streetlight Project

The LED Streetlight project, is a part of the Public Sector Smart Energy Programme which was created in 2013 by the Government of Barbados, to promote the use of renewable energy (RE) and energy efficiency in the public sector.

What is Light & Power’s role?

The Government of Barbados contracted Light & Power to replace around 24, 250 existing Light & Power owned high pressure sodium (HPS) streetlights with LED (light-emitting diode) streetlights. The deployment will be undertaken by six local contractors who were trained in areas such as contractor safety management, safe work practices and streetlight maintenance.

Does this project include lights on highways?

The Government Electrical Engineering Department is responsible for the management of all lights on major highways in Barbados. They will also be embarking on a change out process.

What are the benefits of LED Streetlights?

  • LED streetlights increase reliability as the lights require less maintenance.
  • Increased reliability means that the streets will be consistently lit. This will help enhance the safety of road users.
  • LED lights ensure a higher percentage of the light is concentrated downwards towards the road and curb areas, which help to eliminate light pollution.
  • The lights also reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions making them more environmentally friendly.

What can persons expect as the change-out process takes place.?

The project began on Monday, May 27th 2019, and over the next 18 months you will see contractors in your community working to safely change-out streetlights. Going forward, LED lights will be installed for all streetlight applications received. We are working with key groups to help ensure that that this replacement experience is favorable for our customers.