How We Deliver Electricity

Light & Power delivers electricity directly to your home or business from our power plants through the numerous poles and cables lines throughout Barbados.

The Electricity Delivery Process

Light & Power’s transmission and distribution system consists of 150.2 km of transmission cables and power lines stretching across roughly 77,000 distribution poles (rated from Class 4 through Class 1), and 18 substations (12 are entirely underground-connected with redundant transmission links) to bring electricity from power plants to customers.

Electricity carried by transmission lines is sent through distribution substations and transformers that steps the electricity down to a lower voltage level that is safe for delivery to homes and businesses. 2,800 km of overhead distribution lines then carry the electricity to localized areas and connect to individual meters on homes and businesses. These distribution lines also power approximately 30,000 streetlights across the island. Some critical loads fed entirely by UG and directly linked to a power station are:

  • QEH – Only state run public hospital
  • Belle Pumping Station (BWA)
  • Grantley Adams Airport
  • Desalination Plant (BWA)
  • Bridgetown (Financial Hub)
  • Warrens (Financial Hub)
  • Bridgetown Port (Deep Water Harbour)