Electric Vehicles and Barbados

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What Is An Electric Vehicle?

EV is an acronym for Electric Vehicle and it typically refers to any vehicle that uses an electric powertrain for propulsion. EV can refer to hybrids, plug-in hybrids or all electric vehicles, but typically, it is reserved for vehicles that plug in to charge as opposed to hybrid vehicles, which rely on both an engine and motor.

Why Should I Consider An EV For My Next Vehicle?

• Less money spent on overall energy budget
• Lower maintenance expense reduces cost to own or lease a vehicle
• Lower cost/km to drive than typical gasoline or diesel powered vehicle
• EVs are fun and quick to drive
• Environmentally-friendly (Reduced emissions and noise)
• Convenient to refuel if you decide to charge at home vs. a gas station

How much electricity will my EV use?

The efficiency of electric vehicles like traditional vehicles vary depending on how you drive them. On average, the efficiency can vary from 0.15 kWh/km to 0.2 kWh/km. Given this efficiency, it takes about 2200 to 2900 kWh of electricity per year to power your vehicle. This is about $1300 to $1700 per year in electricity based on our residential tariff.

Charging Stations In Barbados

EVs can be charged using the publicly available chargers provided by Megapower Ltd at numerous popular locations around the island or can be installed a charger at my home or workplace to charge my electric vehicle.

Buy An Electric Vehicle 

Currently, the dealers in Barbados offering electric vehicles are:
Megapower Barbados
Courtesy Garage Barbados